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   Chapter 32 Is He Sexually Impotent

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Chapter 32 Is He Sexually Impotent?

"But... but I saw him making a video call with another woman!"

"…… Is that woman his relative? You should make it clear. Don't make wild guesses," persuaded Helen.

"Don't be once bitten, twice shy. As far as I observed, Aaron is much better than Jonny."

Irene sat in front of the counter and looked at every corner of the restaurant which was carefully arranged with Aaron and her. She thought what Helen said made sense.

It was better to explain everything clearly.

"I'll ask him when I'm free..."

"That's right. But you were so fast. The next day after you broke up with Jonny, you moved in with Aaron. When you were with Jonny in the past, how couldn't you be so open?"

Irene shrugged her shoulders after hearing this. She seemed to forget an important thing that she hadn't told Helen that they were married. But they were still in name only. She thought it was better not to tell her now.

She didn't know how to answer her so she changed the topic.

"Why didn't you come to the restaurant these days?"

Helen's mind was in a mess these days, so she didn't notice Irene's change of topic and complained, "Oh! Don't mention it. I have come to the radio station several days ago. It's a good job. But they didn't take new comer seriously. I'm so busy."

Hearing this, Irene comforted Helen for a while and then hung up the phone. She couldn't help but exclaim in her heart that there was probably no job in the world that was easy to do.

The restaurant was also very busy, but in the evening, Irene was still unhappy. She thought that she hadn't gone out to play with Aaron for a long time, so she called him to ask them to go to Carl's bar tonight.

Aaron was dealing with some files and felt a little surprised when he heard her. She didn't like that kind of occasion before. What happened to her today?

But he didn't say anything. He could do everything she wanted.

"Okay, I'll call them and pick you up later."

Hearing this, Irene replied in a low voice.

Aaron's voice was so sexy that it sounded l

ispered in Irene's ear, "Is he sexually impotent?"

Irene glared at her and thought to herself, 'You are sexually impotent! Your whole family are sexually impotent!'

They had slept in the same bed for a long time. Although they hadn't had sex, men usually had some reaction when they got up in the morning. Irene had run into Aaron's reaction several times.

At that time, Aaron was very calm, but Irene turned her head and pretended to be asleep. Looking at her face, Aaron didn't say anything and just thought, 'Could I say anything else? Such as, Irene, please wake up and have sex with me...No, of course not!'

Sometimes the world was so small that you could always meet people you didn't want to meet.

Irene thought to herself when she saw Jonny.

They were about to go home. As soon as they walked to the car, they saw Jonny who was drunk.

Jonny was in a bad mood because of the fight with Olivia, so he came out to drink alone. He walked out of the bar across the street and saw Irene.

He hastily walked over and walked not far away from Irene. Looking at the woman he had missed, he said, "Irene, I thought you didn't like to come to such a place?"

Irene looked at Jonny, who was holding a suit jacket in his arm with his tie hanging loosely on his clothes. At that moment, she felt that things had changed. It wasn't a long time, but it felt like a century.

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