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   Chapter 30 Earl Zhao

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Chapter 30 Earl Zhao

Your ex-girlfriend used the break-up fee you gave her to have a good time with her new boyfriend. It's so... campy.

At the Zhao Family villa

"Auntie, I haven't seen Aaron for a long time," Jessica said, taking Sara's hand and shaking her arm.

However, Sara didn't know what to say and just felt helpless when she found that Jessica kept pestering her since Jessica failed to catch Aaron.

Moreover, Aaron was in no mood to listen to her now.

"Hello, Jessica."

They turned around and saw that Owen Zhao was walking down the stairs.

Sara hurriedly stood up and walked to support him "Owen, don't you say you have a headache? Why don't you just stay in bed?"

After that, Owen sat on the sofa and knocked his crutch before he said in a low voice, "Can a headache stop me from getting out of bed? !"

Sara smiled obsequiously, "Owen, you know what I mean."

At the same time, Jessica felt a little awkward and said, "Uncle, my parents missed you very much. They said they would come to see you when they were free."

"I don't think there is anything to see in such a skinny old man. We are thinking about how to let the younger generation like you live a happy life now."

When Jessica observed that the tension between Owen and Sara had disappeared, she smiled and said, "Uncle, You are right. We all understand how much the elders wish for us."

"Why didn't you come back with Aaron recently? We haven't had dinner together for a long time."

Hearing this, Jessica was stiff. She dared not say that they hadn't seen each other for nearly half a month. If Owen was told about this, he would get angry. Let alone he was in poor health. The most important thing was that if he was angry with Aaron, he might do something to hurt him. Now she had to butter up this man in front of her.

Sara gave a glance at Jessica without attracting any attention, and then she said, "Aaron has been busy with his work recently, so he hasn't come back home recently."

When Jessica heard that, she echoed.

After accompanying the two old people for a while, Jessica stood up and left.

She was about to open the door in eight centimeter high heels when a Lamborghini was drove into the mansion.

The Lamborghini was stopped next to her. Earl Zhao stepped out of the car and smiled brightly at Jessica, "Long time no see."

Earl was also the other son of the Zhao Family, brother of Aaron. Although he was not as handsome as Aaron, he was a handsome man with a pair of myopia glasses, which made him look like a social elite.

He would have been more eye-catching if Aaron didn't exist, but he had one more competitor since the moment Aaron returned to the Zhao Family.

"Yeah, it's been a long time. It seems that you haven't been at home recently." Said Jessica, who wore a smile like the daughter of an eminent family as she usually did.

"Yes, I have been abroad for business recently." "Why are you alone?"

"Aaron is too busy to be with me. I'll come by myself today." She didn't want to tell him about the relationship between Aaron and her.

"Oh! Really? I heard that Aaron was very busy recently," Earl replied, holding his glasses.

Hearing this, Jessica held tight onto her expensive bag. Squinting at Earl, she said, "You care about Aaron so much. Thank you on behalf of Aaron."

"You're welcome."

Jessica didn't want to continue the entanglement with Earl, so she sai

d, "I have something to deal with. I have to go now, brother."

Seeing that Jessica drove the car, Earl sneered and turned into the house.

Jessica wanted to ask Sara to help her contact Aaron, but she got angry from Earl. But what did Earl mean? She had to ask Aaron to be careful.

She felt angrier when she thought of Aaron. On the one hand, Aaron met the standard of being her husband. On the other hand, Aaron might be the next successor of the Zhao Family. That was why she kept pestering him.

She had always thought that Aaron was a well behaved man and he had never dated any woman, but this time...

Jessica clenched the steering wheel with a cold expression. Then she took out her phone and dialed a number.

"Find out what Aaron has been doing recently. I need to know very clearly."

In the Cheng Family's house.

Carl felt his nose itchy and touched it with his hand. Then he turned around and continued to sleep.

He had turned to the other side, but it didn't seem better. He could not help sneezing.

He frowned and pulled the quilt up to cover his head.

Then he heard someone laugh.

He felt something wrong, pulled down the quilt, opened his eyes and saw the familiar face.

"What are you doing here?" Carl looked at Ada Yang in anger.

"I haven't seen you for half a month! So I miss you!"

"But I haven't got up yet. Don't you feel ashamed as a girl?"

"It doesn't matter. I will be your wife sooner or later. You will be my husband too." Ada raised her head proudly.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore. Get out!"

"No way!" Ada grabbed the other pillow, sat on the bedside and looked at Carl. "I missed you so much when I was abroad, but you didn't call me."

Carl made an eye roll and thought, 'I finally got rid of you. Why would I call you?'

Ignoring her, he turned his head to continue sleeping. However, he couldn't refrain himself after a while. Ada even stared at him without blinking, which made him feel so creepy that he couldn't sleep at all! Finally, he turned around impatiently and shouted, "Get out! I need to change my clothes!"

"Then I'll get you some clothes." With these words, she was about to get out of bed.

Carl's face darkened. He bit his lips and said, "I want to change my underwear. Do you also want to see it?"

Ada looked at Carl, blushed, grabbed the skirt and said shyly, "I'll wait for you in the living room!"

Carl looked at her leaving figure and felt helpless. His freedom would come to an end!

Noticing her son's long face, Lauren became a little annoyed, "What's wrong? Are you not happy that your father and I come back?"

Carl took a sip of milk and replied, "Of course not."

He picked up the bread covered with jam next to him and took a bite. He mumbled, "Why didn't you tell me? I would pick you up?"

"Ada was afraid that you would sleep late last night and didn't want to disturb you," Lauren replied.

"……" Carl turned his head and saw Ada's smile. He thought, 'Does she have schizophrenia? Didn't she wake me up with a hair just now?"

Lauren looked at them with a smile. She thought they matched perfectly, "How about you two get married?"

Carl interrupted her when Ada was about to say yes.

"Mom! Can you be nice to me? I'm only a child, and you want me to get married!" Carl had not played enough and did not want to so early into the grave of marriage. He thought, 'I am not as silly as Aaron.'

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