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   Chapter 29 Does Jackson Love You

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Chapter 29 Does Jackson Love You

The girls around knew that two handsome boys always came to this restaurant, so they also came here to wait for them. One of them was passionate while the other was cold, which satisfied the little girl's taste exactly.

After Aaron knew that reason, he asked Jackson and Carl to come here if they had nothing to do.

In Irene's eyes, Aaron had to drive a taxi everyday, so he couldn't always stay in her restaurant. So Jackson and Carl could be here to take care of his wife.

For Carl, he was willing to do that. Provoking the young girls was his second sideline.

However, for Jackson, he was greatly reluctant to do that.

Especially since Helen got to know it, she always came here.

Now, the relationship between Jackson and Helen was getting more and more complicated.

Irene also felt happy when she looked at Carl, who was chatting with two girls. Although Carl was a dandy, he attracted a lot of business.

So it was a good thing for her.

She once said to Aaron that she wanted to find a good girl for Carl. If he got married for the sake of her restaurant, she had accumulated good virtue.

But Aaron shook his head and told Irene not to worry about Carl.

Irene was curious and asked, "So does Carl have a girlfriend?"

She was deeply shocked by what Aaron said to her, "He don't have a girlfriend. He just has a childhood sweetheart."

"……" Irene thought, 'It turned out that there is the childhood sweetheart in this era.'

Jackson was speechless when he looked at Carl who was happily chatting with two young girls. He thought to himself, 'Carl emits his hormones all the time.

Is he in the heat period now?'

Suddenly, Jackson said to Carl, "Why hasn't Ada come to you recently?"

Carl turned around and glared at Jackson, "Can you not be such a wet blanket? Why do you mention her?"

"Why can't I mention her? She is your child bride that your mother and father personally selected for you."

Carl shrugged his shoulders and added, "She and my parents went to Maldives for their holidays. They wanted to take me with them, but I refused."

Carl thought, 'What a joke! I just don't go with them. If I stay with the three of them. I can't see and hug the beauties in the bikini. Besides, Ada always sticks to me.'

At this time, Helen walked in dejectedly and threw herself on Irene.

Irene held Helen lying on her body. She was very curious because she had never seen so spiritless Helen.

"What's wrong?" Asked Irene, worried.

Helen curled his lips and looked wronged, "I don't want to stay at school anymore."

Irene's face was full of surprise when she heard what Helen said. She then pulled Helen to the chair and let her speak in detail.

It was a good thing for those newly graduated college students to stay in the school. It was much better than finding a job. And Helen had wanted to stay in the university all long. So Irene couldn't figure out what had happened to make Helen less enthusiastic about staying at university.

"It's all because of that director. He asked me to work for his family as if I was helped by him. I'm fine with that, but what the hell is his son? He always smiled at me when he saw me."

Picking up the cup of water that Irene poured for her, Helen continued, "As usual today, I went to his home, but only his son was at home, trying to make a pass at me! You know I have a bad temper. I beat him up and before I left, I also kicked his peni

s hard."

"Uh..." Hearing this, Irene thought Helen was so cool.

And listening to their conversation, Carl also felt his penis was hurt. He thought, 'Sure enough, woman should not be provoked.' Suddenly, Carl thought of something, looked at Jackson beside him sympathetically and thought Jackson would have to suffer a lot. At the same time, Carl was a little excited when thinking Jackson would become a hen-pecked husband.

Although Carl was not sure about it now, he had a feeling that something would happen between Jackson and Helen.

However, Jackson's face was calm. He knew Helen's strength. Ordinary people can't take advantage of her. She said a man flirted with her. Maybe she dislocated him as soon as the man reached for her. But when Jackson looked at Carl, he thought, 'What's the meaning of Carl's expression? Does he think I will be beaten by Helen in the future?' So Jackson rolled his eyes at Carl.

"Then won't the director ask you for his son's medical expenses?" Irene now sympathized with the director's son.

"How dare he? !" Helen snorted.

"What's your plan now?"

"I've been asked by a radio station before. I want to have a try now. In fact, I also thought that my character was not suitable for school. It's really wasteful. Now I can fully display my ability," Helen said with relief.

Irene also felt relieved when she saw Helen who was still as optimistic as before. She smiled and said, "Okay, it's time for you to work hard! Have a seat and I'll cook some noodles for you."

After Irene left, Helen ran to Jackson for comfort.

Without looking at her, Jackson played with his mobile phone.

Helen gritted her teeth and thought, 'It is really difficult to attract this man. I have chased him for almost a month, but he did not respond at all.'

But she believed that she could touch any man. She had a good figure, a pretty face and was young. She had been wooing him for a month, he couldn't remain unmoved.

Unless... Jackson was a gay. All of a sudden, Helen began to look at Carl.

Helen suddenly felt that her idea was more and more reliable. Carl and Jackson always appeared together. Although Carl was attracted by beautiful girls, Jackson was still by Carl's side. 'Damn it! Does Jackson like Carl!' roared Helen in her mind.!

At that time, Carl was sending out two girls and saw Helen was looking at him thoughtfully.

He approached Helen and said to stunned her, "Hey, the director's son irritated you?"

Helen always couldn't hide things in her heart. When she saw Carl in front of her, she immediately asked, "Does Jackson like you?" !"

Hearing this, the two people beside were both stunned.

Irene burst into laughter when she heard this.

Jackson also raised his head and stared at Helen in front of him.

He thought, 'Damn it! What a stupid question!'

Carl looked at Helen, speechless. He thought for a long time and managed to say, "Your brain will deserve 101 points. One more is for you. Don't be proud."

Jonny stopped the car on the side of the road and looked at the happy people in the restaurant, feeling bitter in his heart.

He had thought that after they broke up, Irene would be heartbroken and couldn't forget him in a year. But to his surprise, she was with a man the next day after they broke up.

It would be totally fine if she just found troubles for him.

But she was serious with that man and he didn't want to admit that her new boyfriend was very handsome.

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