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   Chapter 28 Grand Opening

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Chapter 28 Grand Opening

Looking at Irene, Carl thought, 'Why don't Aaron tell Irene who he is. If he tell the truth, he can open a large restaurant for her! Why do they have to work so hard?'

Later, Carl said this to Jackson and Jackson only replied with two words: "Life fun."

Carl couldn't help but curse, 'How could these two stuffy men be together? How do they know what life fun is?! It is the first time that I have seen this kind of life fun.'

He took a look at Irene, who was chatting with Helen. Then he said to Aaron in a low voice, "Hey, old virgin. You even don't share your first time with us."

Hearing Carl's words, Aaron's expression changed and got Carl a drumstick, "Can't these foods stop you?"

Carl understood what he meant as he looked at Aaron's face. Then he asked Aaron, "Oh, shit! Can you do that? Don't be embarrassed to tell me. I can take you to the doctor."

Aaron kicked Carl's foot under the table and gave him a glare. "If you don't want to eat anything, then you can go now," said Aaron unhappily.

Carl wasn't startled by Aaron's words, and he turned around to share his gossip with Jackson.

Jackson also looked at Aaron in surprise as if he had known something and felt sorry for Aaron.

Aaron was speechless as he saw his two best friends.

He thought, 'Well, I had my own plan. Just let others talk about it.'

However, at night, when Aaron saw Irene walk out of the bathroom after taking a shower, his mind was restless.

He had to turn on the computer to hide his emotions.

Irene looked at Aaron and found that he was serious. She then walked towards him and wondered what he was doing.

However, she was only to find a pile of strange lines.

"What's this?"


"Stock?" Irene widened her eyes and took a close look at it, but failed to see anything. She drew a conclusion that her husband was indeed powerful.

Noticing the admiration in Irene's eyes, Aaron got complacent.

He thought, 'Look, your husband is so awesome.

But you don't know much about me.'

Irene went back to the sofa and looked at the bill book. The more she counted, the happier she was.

She thought that her decision at the beginning was right. The 200, 000 dollars was really worth it. She had thought that only two people would be enough. But now it seemed that their restaurant was very popular, so they haven't enough manpower.

The people around here were all from rich families, and their noodle was relatively cheap compared to others. They would surely have more and more customers in the future, and she had to hire two more people.

"We can hire two more people tomorrow," said Aaron.

Irene's mind was in a mess and she didn't notice that Aaron had been sitting beside her.

"Oh my God! How could you know what I'm thinking?"

Aaron just smiled and hugged her, "I don't want my wife to be too tired."

Irene then comfortably leaned against Aaron's chest.

She had got used to Aaron's tenderness and affection. At that moment, she had totally let go of that bastard, Jonny. All she wanted was how to live a happy life with Aaron.

Aaron could make a lot of money by taxi. Now, she was very optimistic about their future!

The phone suddenly rang.

Irene picked it up and found that it was her mother. She quickly sat up from Aaron's arms and answered it.

She hadn't talked to her mother about opening a restaurant yet. She wanted to settle it dow

n first, because if her mother knew that she had 200, 000 dollars in her hand, her mother would make more trouble.


"What are you doing recently? Why don't you call me?"

She was not used to hearing her mother's energetic voice on the phone. "Mom, I haven't done anything. I'm looking for a job lately..."

"So how was it going?"

"Almost done. One is not bad."

"That's good. You have to support yourself. Though marrying a good husband is more important, as a woman, you can't rely on others."

At the mention of her marriage, Irene felt a bit guilty. She hadn't told her mother that she had gotten married without permission.

"I see. Do you have anything else, mom?"

"Nothing important. Your Aunt Laura's nephew has found his girlfriend. What a pity!"

Irene turned around and took a glance at Aaron who was watching TV. Then she echoed, "That's good."

"I don't think so. It's up to you not to date! If you can't find someone better in the future, don't take him back."

Bonnie's high pitched voice frightened Irene and she shrank her neck.

"Find a good job there. When I have spare time, I'll take your sister to see you."

Irene was frightened by her mother's words and hastily said, "Mom, I'm not stable yet. You can come here after I settle down."

Bonnie thought for a while and agreed with her.

Then they hung up.

After she hung up the phone, Irene looked at Aaron with a guilty conscience.

Aaron looked back at her, "When are you going to tell your mother? How about I go to your home sometime?"

Irene thought for a while and said sheepishly, "We'd better wait for a few more days. I'm afraid it's not good if we tell them the news suddenly..." In fact, what she thought was to wait until she had accumulated some savings.

Otherwise, her mother would have said anything bad.

Aaron bowed his head and said nothing.

Irene realized that Aaron was unhappy, so she walked up to him, put her arms around his neck and said, "I'm sorry. I really don't mean to hide this from my family."

But Aaron still made no response.

Irene then came closer to him and said, "Aaron, don't be angry."

Feeling the breath near his ear, Aaron turned his head and said, "If you give me a kiss, I will not be angry."

Irene didn't expect that he would suddenly turn around. Looking at the handsome face so close to her, Irene swallowed and stammered, "You... You're a rogue."

"Do you think I'm playing a hooligan, when I am talking to my wife like this?"

Irene was defeated by Aaron and blushed while looking at him.

Looking at her cute face, Aaron couldn't help but kiss her. Then he turned around and blew on her ear. "Don't let me wait too long," he said in a low voice

Then he stood up and went back to the bedroom.

Irene was stunned by his words and wondered he was saying marriage or that thing.

'Oh my God. If he was talking to that thing, it's so shy.'

Touching her hot face, Irene felt so shy that she rolled on the sofa and almost fell to the ground.

In fact, she had a vague feeling in her heart that she had fallen in love with Aaron, but she didn't want to go too fast. What's more, as a girl, how could she have the nerve to do such a thing!

Their life was getting better and better. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that this restaurant was owned by this young couple. The food there was delicious. So their reputation was known to the public soon.

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