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   Chapter 28 Grand Opening

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Carl looked at Irene curiously. He thought, 'Why doesn't Aaron tell Irene who he really is. If he did, he could open a larger restaurant for her.

Why does he have to work so hard to hide it from her?' Later on, Carl told his concern to Jackson. Jackson only replied, "Life's fun that way."

Carl couldn't help but curse.

He didn't understand how these two men could find fun in life this way. It was the first time Carl had seen this kind of fun this way. He took one more look at Irene, who was chatting with her roommate, Helen. He turned to Aaron and said in a low voice, "Hey, old virgin, how was your first time? You didn't even share your first time with us."

Aaron's expression changed at Carl's words. He picked up a chicken drumstick and gave it to his friend. "Can't all this food stop you?"

Carl immediately understood what Aaron meant. With a mischievous expression on his face, he said, "Oh shit! You're impotent, aren't you?

Don't be embarrassed to tell me. It's curable. We can take you to the doctor to have it checked." Aaron kicked Carl's foot under the table and glared at him. "If you don't want to eat anything, then you can go now."

Carl wasn't fazed by Aaron's threat. He turned on his seat and shared his gossip with Jackson.

Jackson sharply turned to Aaron in surprise. The expression on his face was a mixture of awe and pity. He kind of felt sorry for his friend.

Aaron couldn't believe the temerity of his friends.

'They could think whatever they want to think. I have my own plan to focus on.'

That night though, as Irene went out of the bathroom, his mind couldn't stop thinking about sex.

He had to turn on his computer to hide the warring emotions inside him.

Irene found Aaron so focused on his computer, which piqued her curiosity. She walked towards him, eager to see what he was busy about.

What she found on the screen though were strange graphs she couldn't understand.

"What are those?"



Her eyes widened as she took a closer look. She still didn't understand anything. At that moment, she realized that he was probably more capable than he let on. Aaron noticed the sparkle of admiration in Irene's eyes. It brought his walls down and made him soften around her.

He thought, 'Isn't your husband so awesome?

Pity how you don't know much about me.'

Irene gave up trying to understand the graphs, so she went back to the sofa. She turned her attentions instead to her bill book and counted her money. The more money she counted, the happier she got.

Her decision at the beginning was right. 200,000 dollars was really worth it.

At the beginning, she thought she could make do with just two staff in the restaurant. But their successful soft opening today only made her realize how she should invest in enough manpower. Her customers mostly came from rich families. Even so, the noodle she served in the restaurant were cheaper than her competitors. For sure, they would have more customers in the future. She would need to hire at least two more people.

"We can hire two more people tomorrow," Aaron said, as if he read her mind.

Irene was still deep in thought and didn't notice that Aaron had moved to sit beside her.

"Oh, my God! How could you know what I'm thinking?" she blurted out.

Aaron offered her a small smile before he threw an arm around her shoulders. "I don't want my wife to get too tired worrying over trivial matters."

Irene leaned on Aaron's chest, letting his warmth comfort her.

She had slowly been getting used to Aaron's tenderness and affection.

At the moment, she couldn't even remember what was so good with Jonny. All she wanted to do right now was to live a happy life with Aaron. Eventually, her husband could make a lot of money driving taxi. For now, she could remain optimistic about their future.

Just then, her phone suddenly rang.

She picke

d it up and found it was her mother on the other end of the line. She quickly moved farther from Aaron to answer the call.

She hadn't shared with her mother her plans to open a restaurant. She wanted to settle down first before she told her mother that she received money from Jonny. Irene knew her mother would only cause trouble once she knew about it.


"What are you so busy with these days? Why haven't you called me yet?"

Irene wasn't used to hearing her mother's energetic voice on the phone.

"Nothing. I told you I'm looking for a job lately." "So how's it going for you?"

"Oh, not bad at all."

"That's good. You have to learn how to support yourself. I suppose marrying a rich husband is nice too. But as a woman, you can't completely rely on others."

The mention of marriage made Irene feel a bit guilty. Her mother still had no idea that she had gotten married without her permission.

"I see. Do you need anything else, Mom?"

"Nothing important. Laura's nephew has found himself a girlfriend. What a pity."

Irene turned to glance at Aaron. His eyes were on the TV. Absentmindedly, she replied to her mother, "That's good."

"It's not good! You were supposed to date him!

Don't take back anyone inferior to him in the future!" Bonnie's high pitched voice frightened Irene. She could feel herself grow smaller at her mother's hostile tone.

"Find a good job. When I have free time, I'll bring your sister to visit you."

That made Irene even more scared. Hastily, she said, "Mom, I'm not stable here yet.

You can visit me once everything's settled down." Her mother went silent for a while before she agreed.

And then they hung up.

Irene looked at Aaron guiltily after the call.

Feeling her eyes on him, he turned to her. "When are you going to tell your mother?

How about I visit your home some time?" She thought for a while before she smiled sheepishly at him. "We'd better wait for a few more days. I don't think they would react well if we spring the news on them."

Honestly, her plan was to save a decent amount of money first before they told her family. Otherwise, her mother would say terrible things about them.

Aaron bowed his head and said nothing.

Irene realized her husband was unhappy with her stalling. She moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm sorry. I really don't mean to hide our marriage from my family."

Aaron ignored her.

Inching closer to him, she continued, "Aaron, don't be angry."

Feeling her breath near his ear, Aaron turned his head to hers. One more move and they would be kissing. "If you give me a kiss, I won't be angry anymore."

Irene wasn't expecting him to flirt back. She stammered, "You're a pervert."

"Do you honestly think I'm a pervert for talking to my wife like this?"

Well, her husband had a point there. She blushed under his intense gaze.

Her adorable blush made him lose the last thread of control he had. He pressed his lips in a quick kiss before he whispered in her ear, "Don't let me wait too long."

He then stood up and went to their bedroom.

Aaron's words stunned Irene. She wondered whether he meant disclosure of their marriage to her mother or sex.

'Oh, my God. What if he was talking about sex? But I'm so shy.'

Irene cupped her face with her hands. Her cheeks were warm under her touch. She wanted to fall down on the sofa and roll around from the intense emotions swirling inside her.

She was starting to fall in love with Aaron. But it was all too fast.

And also, she was a girl. She couldn't do the first move, right? She shook her head and thought back to their day. Their married life was getting better day after day.

Many people in their neighborhood knew that they owned the new noodle restaurant in town. The food she served was delicious. Soon, their reputation would grow and they would be known by more.

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