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   Chapter 26 Second Hand Car

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Irene, who was standing at the door of the store, was so excited that she tightly clenched the belt of her handbag.

She was so moved. This was what she had dreamed of the place of restaurant! !

"I didn't expect your wife to be such a miser," Jackson whispered to Aaron while looking at Irene who was so emotional

Aaron raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's your opinion on this?"

Jackson threw up his hands and said, "No, I'm looking forward to the moment when she knows who you are."

"Thank you very much, Jackson!" Irene stood at the door and looked at them with a big smile on her face.

With these words, Aaron walked over to Irene and put his arm around her shoulder. Then he lowered his head, looked at her and said, "You don't have to thank him. That's what a friend should do."

"……" Looking at Aaron's impolite face, Jackson thought that Irene was much better than Aaron. Sure enough, there should be such two people in the family who were complementary. It was very harmonious.

Suddenly Irene frowned and asked Jackson with concern, "But, is this really so cheap? The place is so good and it seems that it has just been decorated. How can it be so cheap?"

Although she just entered the society, she knew that there was no good thing that fell in pies from the sky in the world. More importantly, she knew that even if it did have, it would never happen to her.

Aaron took a glance at Jackson behind Irene's back.

At the sight of this, Jackson walked over, took out his phone, found a number and handed it to Irene, saying, "This is the phone of the former owner of the shop. We are on good terms with each other, and he happened to be busy to sell it these days, so that's it. Don't worry, you can talk to him yourself."

Hearing this, Irene hastily waved her hand and explained, "It's not that I don't trust you. I just want to thank the owner in person for such a good thing."

Jackson gave the phone to Irene with an indifferent expression.

After Irene took the phone, she walked to a quiet place and dialed the number.

Looking at Irene's back, Aaron turned around, looked at Jackson with a poker face and asked, "Everything has been arranged?"

Jackson rolled his eyes at Aaron and said nothing.

Jackson thought, 'Aaron was really wordy. He didn't have to remind me for this trivial matter.'

"But why are you so downhearted today? Where did you have fun yesterday?"

At the mention of this, Jackson frowned and snapped, "It's your wife's roommate. She's clingy."

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Aaron's face, "You deserve it."

Irene held the phone with her both hands, and earnestly thanked the owner. She was very grateful to the owner and thought that there were still good people in the world.

The storekeeper told her that their son had to study abroad for the time being, and they were eager to sell this good store, because they didn't have enough money. The stuff inside the store was ninety percent new and was still safe to use.

Irene bent over and expressed her thanks, as if there was a person in front of her.

However, the person on the other end of the line was very happy. Such a good thing was very rare.

That day, after Jackson had chosen the site, he thought that Aaron and Irene would be satisfied with the place. Besides, the decoration of the store was also great. Without hesitation, he told the shop owner about his purpose.

As expected, the storekeeper widened his eyes as soon as he heard Jackson's words, intending to drive Jackson out. The shop had been renovated less than two months. How could the storekeeper be willing to sell it?!

Seeing the storekeeper glowering at him, Jackson said impatiently, "How much did you spend? I'm willing to pay double the price."


g this, the storekeeper was even angrier. He was about to say something when his wife grabbed him by the arm.

The storekeeper's wife pulled him and looked around Jackson, and she whispered in the storekeeper's ear, "This man's clothes is worth a fortune. He doesn't seem to be lying."

Hearing his wife's words, the storekeeper scrutinized Jackson from head to toe. Indeed, a closer look revealed that the child belonged to a wealthy family.

Then he began to talk to him seriously.

At last, the storekeeper agreed to sell the shop at double price and cooperate with Jackson to lie to Irene.

Looking at Irene's smiling face from morning to noon, Aaron was curious when she would stop smiling and why she was so happy.

"By the way, Poker Jackson, do you know someone who sells the cheapest or second-hand car? I want to buy a car for Aaron and let him drive a taxi."

Jackson intended to leave, but Irene stopped him and said that she wanted to thank him and invite him for lunch later.

He was sitting in the chair and playing on his cell phone. Hearing what Irene said, he raised his head in shock.

"What's wrong? Why are you so surprised? I thought Aaron couldn't always be a driver. So we'd better buy one by ourselves." Irene looked at Jackson's face and asked curiously.

At this moment, Aaron was carrying his chair. When he heard the voices of Jackson and Irene, he came in. He was confused when he saw Jackson's expression. "What's wrong?"

"Don't worry, Aaron. I can find you a better second hand car." Jackson looked at Aaron sympathetically, hold back his smile and reminded himself to tell Carl about that as soon as possible.

Then Aaron rolled his eyes and knew what happened just now. He put the chair in place and said to Jackson angrily, "Thank you for this."

The three of them had a quick meal. Then Jackson took them to a second-hand market and picked a new second hand car.

In the eyes of Jackson and Aaron, these were all a little money. But Irene haggled off the price with salesperson for half a day, based on the principle that the cheapest she could get. At last, she bought it with a satisfactory price.

At the sight of Irene's happy face in the passenger seat, Aaron couldn't help thinking that his reputation would be ruined if others saw it.

It's really a new experience for Aaron to drive a second-hand car instead of the limited-edition car.

Irene looked at Aaron's poker face and thought he must have been used to driving boss' car and couldn't be used to the second hand car.

She looked at Aaron and said, "Don't worry. With my cooking skills, we will get better soon. At that time, I will buy a new car for you!"

Aaron looked at the road ahead and found that there were only a few cars. Then he turned around and looked at Irene. He gently pinched her nose and said, "Okay."

Jackson stopped by the roadside following Aaron's car. He turned around and saw a hot pot restaurant.

After the three sat down, Irene looked at Jackson with shyness and said, "This restaurant is not a big one but also very delicious. We often came here to eat when we went to school."

"It doesn't matter. He won't mind," Aaron said while setting the bowls and chopsticks.

Although Jackson said nothing, he didn't dislike this restaurant. Though he was rich, he didn't put on airs.

Hearing Aaron's words, Irene knew that her husband could read her mind, so she smiled at him. She looked down at the tableware, patted her head and said, "Oh, my memory is poor. It is still short of a pair of chopsticks."

She stood up and asked the waiter to add a pair of chopsticks.

"Anyone else?"

"It's Helen. She happens to be here today. So I invited her to have dinner."

Jackson's face changed as he heard the name.

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