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   Chapter 22 No Way

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She remembered that Aaron once told her that he would dote on her and would make her feel arrogant happiness.

What kind of feeling would that be?

Irene was still very curious about it.

However, Aaron was really a man of actions.

They got along with each other for a short time, but Aaron really gave her love which was never given by others!

Sometimes, she even felt that she had fallen into a honeypot.

"What are you thinking about?"

"What?" Hearing this, Irene shook her head and said, "I just miss my family. I haven't been home for a long time."

Aaron slowly walked to her, squatted down and took her hand. Looking at her with his dark eyes, he seemed to want to take her in. "I'll go back with you when I'm free. Since we're married, I'll have to see my mother-in-law sooner or later."

Hearing this, Irene felt so happy.

In the past, Jonny had never wanted to go to her home. Of course, she didn't mention it to him, because she knew that Jonny hated the life at the bottom of the society when he lived a rich life.

Therefore, she was really moved by Aaron's proposal.

He knew that her mother and sister might have become the biggest burden in their lives, but he was still brave enough to stand up for her. In this regard, anyone would be touched.

At this time, Irene's phone rang. When she saw the number, she found it was from her home.

"Hello, mom."

"Irene, do you have time the day after tomorrow?"

"Yes, what's up?"

"Oh, Now that you have broken up with Jonny, you have grown up and can't be single all the time. I asked my friend to introduce you to a man in a very good condition... "

Then, Irene was bombarded by Bonnie's another words. It was about how excellent that man was and how he could make money. Irene suddenly felt that something was wrong. She looked at Aaron, and then turned her head, whispering, "Mom, my marriage is not in a hurry. What's more, I just graduated. I really don't want to get married in a hurry..."

"Why not be in a hurry? Women have only been young for a few years. You should take advantage of your young look and look for a support. Do you want to depend on your aunt for a lifetime? Besides, your Aunt Laura's nephew is more than enough to marry you! Don't be so picky! That's all I want to say!"

After that, Bonnie hung up the phone, not caring whether Irene was willing to meet.

Irene sighed and put her phone aside. She felt helpless.

Her mother was always like this. She had to do what her mother told her to do, or she would be beaten and cursed. Perhaps it was because she was unlikable. Her mother was very good to Nancy. And Nancy was good at acting like a spoiled child. Every time when Nancy rubbed against her mother's body like a little sheep, her mother loved her dearly...

"Aaron, I..."

"No way!"

"What?" Irene looked at him in astonishment. He had good ears. Her old-fashioned mobile phone made a so low sound that it was difficult for her to hear it even when she stuck to mobile phone, but Aaron heard it clearly.

"I said I don't allow you to go on a blind date!" All of a sudden, Aaron looked grim.

He just couldn't understand why there were so many twists and turns in his marriage. First, his wife's ex entanglement, and now, his mother-in-law was going to arrange a blind date for his wife!

It seemed that he had to announce to the world as soon as possible that he was the only man in the world who could covet his wife!

The next question was how could they sleep tonight?

She couldn't let

Aaron sleep on the ground. After all, he was her husband!

But let him sleep in bed?

She couldn't accept it!

She was not used to sleep with a man in same bed!

When Irene was thinking about what to do, the bathroom door suddenly opened.

Aaron came out of the shower.

Irene quickly got into bed.

This was her personality. When she faced a problem that couldn't be solved, she tried to hide her head, just like an ostrich.

Looking at the bulging bump on the bed, Aaron smiled speechlessly.

Aaron didn't understand that she just pretended to be asleep, but why did she cover her head?

It was so hot. Wasn't she afraid that she would pass out due to the heat?

He knew the rejection in her heart, but since they were already married, he had to try to make her slowly accept him, and he slowly infiltrate into her life, her body, and her heart!

Aaron walked to the bedside, lifted the quilt and slowly lay down. As the place beside her sank down, Irene's heart was in her throat.

She thought, 'What was Aaron going to do next?

Hug me? Kissed me? And then possessed me?'

Irene was a little scared, but also had an inexplicable restlessness and longing.

She could feel Aaron's arm wrapping around her waist from behind, but his body didn't get close to her.

Tonight was also their wedding night. Was this the only thing he could do?

Irene was a strange person. She wanted Aaron to approach her to prove her charm, but at the same time, she resisted him a little, because she still had a lot of doubts about him.

They just lay there and did nothing. At last, Irene was defeated!

She got out of the quilt and leaked out a pair of big eyes. When she turned around, she met Aaron's deep eyes.

She was frightened, "You... You are still awake!"

"Yes, I am awake!"

"Then you..."

"I just want to see how long you can torture yourself."

Irene rolled her eyes and thought, 'This man is so scheming!'

"Are you going to sleep like this?" Asked Irene.

Aaron looked at her leisurely, and the arm around her waist remained unmoved. "What else do you want me to do?"

Although Irene didn't have many social experiences, she also understood the meaning of his words. She blushed and suddenly remembered what Aaron said:

'You can tell me whenever you want. I'll satisfy you!'

Irene thought, 'Did he think that I was having a sexual desire and wanted to have sex with him right now?

No! No! Although I was sometimes sultry, I was not so open.

Irene turned her head, buried her head in the pillow, and said awkwardly, "That's it."

Aaron smiled at her back and held her in his arms.

There was a good smell on his body, the fragrant smell of body wash mixed with the smell of male hormone, which made Irene lose her mind for a moment. She swallowed hard.

Plop! Plop!

Aaron had listened that. She was so nervous that she was trembling!

So he came to a conclusion.

"Your sensitive spot is on your waist?"

Hearing that, Irene almost fainted. What kind of magic theory was this?

"You are a little strange..." Aaron was still talking to himself, but he didn't see that Irene's face had turned black.

"Why is it strange?" Her tone was harsh.

"You are different from other women. Other women's sensitive spot are always on that place!" Aaron explained seriously.

Irene felt that her head was going to smoke, and wondered if Aaron had a low EQ or he irritated her on purpose? Why is he talking about women's sensitive spot so formally with me?' Irene thought.

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