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   Chapter 21 Mommy And Sister

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When Irene called him, he stopped and turned to look at her.

"Do you regret marrying me? If If you regret it, just tell me I... HMM!"

Before Irene finished her words, Aaron strode to her and lowered his head to kiss her little mouth.

The moment came so suddenly that Irene couldn't react at all.

She stared at his handsome face.

He closed his eyes, long eyelashes, straight nose and dashing eyebrows.

He was like a fine jade that could give out infinite glow no matter in gravel or in the sparkling box.

Then Aaron slowly left her lips. Irene's face was like a red apple and had a pair of big eyes. He asked curiously, "Do you like kissing with your eyes open?"

"What?" Irene reacted and immediately covered her feverish face with her hands. It was very strange that her face had a fever, but her hands were cold. She said, "Who would have thought that you would suddenly kiss me!"

"There will be a lot of unexpected things in the future, you have to adapt! And I will gradually get used to your habits!" Aaron said casually.

Irene wanted to kill herself. Her experience of dealing with emergencies was zero. She really wanted to ask Aaron if he could kiss her again. If she could got that kiss again, she would close her eyes and enjoy herself.

At the same time, in the monitoring room, a security staff had recorded the situation with a mobile phone and sent it to Sara.

After watching the video, Sara threw her phone on the table furiously. Next to her, Grace Ding hastily handed a cup of green tea to her, "Madam, please don't be angry. Aaron is a playboy. He won't be with that girl for long."

Taking the cup, Sara looked at the tea leaves floating over the surface and suddenly felt annoyed. She put the cup on the table and said, "During this period, there's no time for him to play! Besides, he doesn't choose a time to play. In a word, he's not my son, so he won't think about me at all.

"My lady, you can't say that casually. Master doesn't like to hear it." Grace reminded Sara.

"So what? If he could stop playing that field in those years, I wouldn't have been so difficult now!"

"Since the master gave you Aaron to raise, it was like giving you a support, Now Uncle Richard has made a lot of movements, and Earl has been flattering the master frequently. Madam, you'd better make a plan as soon as possible."

Sara closed her eyes and rubbed her aching temples, "I know all these. It took Aaron a long time to get the power of the LR Group, so I can't let others take it away easily. But Aaron is..."

"Madam, no matter what happened to Aaron, you should help him with your heart, because he is your only son!"

Sara heaved a sigh and said, "I have no choice."

Returning home, Irene worked in the kitchen for an hour and finally made three dishes and one soup.

When the dishes were placed on the table, Aaron was indeed hungry. Carl robbed that bowl of noodles from him at lunch-time and he did so much heavy work this afternoon!

He was eating quietly, but Irene was looking at him unhappily.

"Why don't you eat?" Aaron looked up, frowned and asked her.

"You haven't answered my question. Do you regret marrying me?" Irene was not only serious, but also persistent.

"I thought I had given you the answer."

"How can I know the answer if you don't tell me?"

"Okay!" Aaron put down his chopsticks and looked at her firmly, "I will only get married once in my life, so my wife will be together with me till the end of her life. Do you understand this time?"

Irene n

odded her head stiffly. She thought, 'Hearing this words, how could I feel so scared?'

At the same time, at a house in the West urban district

Bonnie Liu made a phone call happily, "Laura, the man you have chosen is really nice and I like him very much. Hahaha... Great! Let's make an appointment the day after tomorrow, then we can keep in touch!"

After hanging up the phone, Bonnie rushed to Nancy Xiao, took off her headphones and excitedly said, "Nancy, it's a good news! Great news!"

Nancy glanced at her mother, grabbed the earphones from her hand and put it in her ears, "What great thing can make you so happy?"

"Nancy, let me tell you. Your Aunt Laura's nephew, who was studying abroad, has come back. They are arranging a marriage for him. We have made an appointment just now. You can meet that young man in the afternoon the day after tomorrow!" Bonnie sighed with relief and mumbled with a smile, "As you know, that young man is really capable. He was employed by a big company as soon as he came back. His monthly salary is as high as ten thousand dollars..."

Nancy rolled her eyes disdainfully, lied on the bed, and looked down upon Bonnie's inexperienced expression. "Mother, have you ever seen a rich person? Ten thousand dollars a month? Are you satisfied?"

"It's not a lot, but he is making a lot of money among your peers! Besides, he can get a raise!"

Nancy snorted with disdain, "Mom, do you know my sister's boyfriend? He is the son of the director of the education bureau! He was said to be studying for a doctor! What about me? My boyfriend is just an office worker. How can I hold my head up in front of my sister! No, at least I have to find someone who is equal to my future brother-in-law!"

"Do you think your sister can catch him? Your sister called me yesterday and told me that she had broken up with Jonny! I've told you that the Jiang Family could not accept our family easily? All right, let's stop talking about it. I will take you to see that young man the day after tomorrow!"

However, hearing her mother's words, Nancy's eyes lit up and thought, 'Break up?

Irene has broken up with Jonny?

Then my chance would come!'

It seemed that Bonnie had guessed her daughter's thoughts. She patted Nancy's head heavily and said, "You silly girl. Your sister has suffered because of Jonny. Do you want to be the second one? And Jonny has found a new girlfriend. That's why he dumped your sister."

Rubbing her numb forehead, Nancy couldn't hide her slight disappointment, "I see. Now Irene is alone. You can introduce that young man to her! Anyway, I don't like those white-collar workers!"

Bonnie sighed heavily. Although Nancy was very ambitious, she also did not have a proper job and had been staying at home since she graduated from a junior college. If she went to blind dates, she did not have enough confidence.

However, Aunt Laura's nephew was really a good choice. Since Nancy didn't like him, Bonnie wanted Irene to see him.

Irene took a shower and sat in the living room to dry her hair. Seeing this, Aaron walked to her back and gently took the hair dryer from her hand.

"What are you doing?" Irene raised her head and looked at him, confused.

"I just want to help you dry your hair." Aaron gently touched her wet long hair and said, "Don't wash your hair at night. I heard that you would fall asleep if you didn't dry it. You would have a headache the next morning."

"Okay..." Irene nodded her head obediently like a little kitten, allowing Aaron to dry her hair.

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