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   Chapter 21 Her Mother And Sister

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Irene called out to Aaron. He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her.

"Do you regret marrying me? Because… if you do… you can just tell me, you know?" Smack!

Before she could even finish her words, Aaron placed the bags on the ground, rushed to her and kissed her square on her mouth.

The moment his lips crashed into hers, Irene felt her mind blank out. She couldn't react at all.

Her eyes remained open in surprise and watched his handsome features.

His eyes were closed. His long lashes dusted over his cheeks and framed his aquiline nose.

He looked like a finely carved statue, a work of art like no other.

Aaron slowly pulled away and noticed how red Irene's face was. Her big eyes were wide and gawking at him. "Do you like kissing with your eyes open?"

"What?" Irene said unconsciously. She immediately snapped out of her reverie once she realized what he just asked. She covered her blushing face with her hands. On her hot face, her hands felt freezing. "I didn't know you were going to kiss me!"

"Expect a lot of unexpected things from me in the future. You'll get used to my spontaneity and I'll grow familiar with your habits, too," Aaron said casually.

Irene wanted to disappear on the spot. She had zero experience dealing with spontaneous things. If she were going to be honest with herself, what she really wanted was for Aaron to kiss her again. If he gave her another chance, she would close her eyes and get lost in the moment.

Back in the monitoring room of their building, a security officer had recorded the entire scene with a mobile phone and sent it to Sara.

After watching the video, Sara threw her phone on the table furiously. Next to her, Grace Ding hurriedly placed a cup of calming green tea on her hand. "My Lady, please calm down. We know Aaron is a playboy. I'm sure he'd grow tired of that woman soon."

Sara took the cup and looked at the tea leaves floating. She suddenly felt annoyed. She slammed the cup back on the table and said, "There's no time for him to play around, especially now! Besides, he didn't have the luxury of time to play around. I know he's not my son so he wouldn't think of me at all."

"My Lady, you can't say that. Master doesn't like to hear it when you say things like that." Grace Ding reminded her boss.

"And so? If he stopped sowing his wild oats all those years ago, I wouldn't have been in this difficult situation now."

"Master gave you Aaron to raise. It was his way of showing his support. Now Richard has been making his moves and Earl has been kissing Master's ass often. You'd better make your plan soon, My Lady."

Sara closed her eyes in frustration. Her hands found her temples, trying to relieve the impending headache. "I know. It took Aaron a long time to take over the LR Group. I can't let others take all his hard work away. But Aaron is…"

"My Lady, no matter what Aaron does, you should help him with your heart, because he is your only son!"

Sara heaved a deep sigh. "I know. I have no choice."

Irene went straight into the kitchen once they were back home. She made three dishes and one soup for them.

When all the dishes had been served, the aroma of the food washed over Aaron. He was hungry, he realized. Carl had finished off his bowl of noodles at lunchtime, so he was a bit famished now.

He dug into the food heartily as Irene watched him unhappily.

Aaron looked up and noticed she wasn't touching her food. "Why aren't you eating?"

"You haven't answered my question yet. Do you regret marrying me?" If there was one thing Irene was good at, it was being persistent.

"I thought I have already given you an answer."

"How would I know the answer if you didn't tell me anything?"

"Alright." Aaron put his chopsticks down and looked at her intently. "I only get married once in my life. That means, m

y wife and I will be together until the end of our lives. Do you understand now?"

Irene nodded stiffly. Hearing his words made her feel so silly for doubting him in the first place. She thought, 'But how could I even feel so scared?'

In a house in the West Urban District of B City, Bonnie Liu was enjoying a call with a friend.

"Laura, you've really chosen well in men this time. He seems really nice. I like him. Ha-ha! Great to hear. Let's meet up the day after tomorrow. Alright, see you!"

After hanging up, Bonnie Liu rushed to Nancy Xiao and took her earphones off. Excitedly, she said, "Nancy, guess what? I have great news for you!"

Nancy Xiao spared a cold glance at her mother before grabbing her earphones from her hands. "What great thing made you this excited?"

"Laura's nephew who was studying abroad has come back. They're arranging a marriage for him, so I told her we'd love to meet him! You can meet the young man the day after tomorrow." Bonnie Liu sighed with relief and said, "As you know, that man is very capable. He has been employed by a big company as soon as he came back. His monthly salary is easily ten thousand dollars."

Meanwhile, Nancy Xiao could only roll her eyes at her mother. She plopped down on her bed and threw her mother a bored look. "Mother, have you ever seen a rich person before? Ten thousand dollars a month is big enough for you?"

"Well, it's not a lot. But he's making a lot of money compared to your peers! And besides, he could always get a raise."

Nancy Xiao snorted at her mother's antics. "Mom, do you remember my sister's boyfriend? He's the son of the director of the Education Bureau! He is studying to become a doctor. And if I married this guy you're recommending, I'd end up with an office worker! How can I hold my head up high in front of my sister? I have to find someone at least as great as my future brother-in-law!"

"Do you think your sister can catch him? She called me yesterday and told me she broke up with Jonny! I told you the Jiang Family could never accept our family. Alright, this is getting depressing. Let's stop talking about this. I'll take you the day after tomorrow to see that young man."

Nancy Xiao's eyes lit up at her mother's words. 'Broke up?

Irene had broken up with Jonny?

Finally, my chance has come!'

It seemed as if Bonnie Liu had read her daughter's thoughts. She patted Nancy Xiao's head and said, "You silly girl. Your sister has suffered because of Jonny. Do you really want to experience that for yourself? And besides, Jonny has found himself a new girlfriend. That's the reason why they broke up."

That made Nancy Xiao feel disappointed. "I see. So Irene's single now. You can introduce your young man to her. Anyways, I don't like white-collar workers."

Bonnie Liu sighed heavily. Nancy Xiao was very ambitious but at the same time, she couldn't hold onto a proper job. She had been unemployed since she graduated from a junior college. If she went to blind dates, she would always go home with a list of why her date didn't work out.

Laura's nephew sounded like a good son-in-law. Since Nancy Xiao didn't like him, Bonnie Liu thought maybe she could invite Irene to check him out.

Irene just took a shower and sat in the living room to dry her hair. Noticing what she was about to do, Aaron moved closer to her and gently took the hair dryer from her.

"What are you doing?" Irene was startled at Aaron's sudden appearance. She looked at him confusedly as he plugged in the hair dryer.

"I just want to help you dry your hair." Aaron sifted his fingers through her wet hair. "Don't wash your hair at night. I heard that you would get a headache the next morning if you slept with wet hair."

"Okay…" Irene could only agree as Aaron began to dry her hair. It was oddly comforting and intimate to have him to do it for her.

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