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   Chapter 18 A World Of Difference

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"Are you crazy! How much is it?" Irene complained discontentedly, "Although it is Carl's credit card, it's not easy for him to make money. Every night at the bar, he has to please the old rich women. Although they are unjust money, we can't spend them casually."

Aaron comforted Irene, "Don't worry! Carl must be laughing secretly now."

He thought, 'The three clothes just cost 4, 000 dollars. That's too good for him!'

As expected, after receiving the message from the bank, Carl was shocked first, and then laughed.

He thought, 'It only was used 3, 850 dollars, I thought Aaron would max out my credit card!'

After buying the clothes, they went to the underground supermarket. Irene went to the special price area as soon as she entered.

She selected some hams on sale and yogurts with a gift. Then Aaron walked behind her with a shopping cart and didn't say anything, but was willing to help her with things.

Then, they came to the vegetable section. Irene picked up a red tomato and asked, "Aaron, do you like tomatoes? I can make tomato stewed beef brisket soup. Every time I make this, my sister can have two big bowls of rice."

Aaron said softly, "You can take whatever you like. I'm not a picky eater."

Irene happily put the tomatoes into the shopping cart and said with a smile, "I will make you a fat pig in the future."

A strong sense of happiness surged up from the bottom of his heart when Aaron saw her so happy eyes.

Irene took celeries, carrots, a pile of vegetables on sale, beef and ribs. She opened Aaron's refrigerator and found there was nothing but water, drinks and wine.

It didn't look like a home at all.

She thought that the refrigerator at home should be filled with food!

In the Jiang Family.

Looking at Jonny who was standing in front of him, Paul Jiang said angrily, "Did you give that 200, 000 dollars to Irene? Ah?"

Jonny took a deep breath and said, "Dad, you told me that I could handle the money by myself, but now you interfere with my business. If you don't believe me, why did you give it to me?"

Hearing this, Paul was so angry that he almost vomited blood, "The money I gave you is not to let

you do anything, but to..."

"In order to transfer your filthy lucre, right?"

Paul's face darkened and he was completely irritated. He picked up the ashtray on the table and was about to hit his son. Viola Lin quickly grabbed Paul's hand and asked, "Paul, what are you doing? Jonny is your son, not your enemy! Are you going to beat him to death?"

Paul shook his hand hard and said, "If you didn't spoil him, how dare he be so bold!"

"What's wrong with Jonny? He just gave 200, 000 dollars to Irene. If he could sever his relationship with Irene, it would work!" Viola walked up to Jonny and patted him on the shoulder, as if comforting him, "My dear son, you must be good to Olivia from now on. Her father is an old official in the province. Although he has retired now, 'a starved camel is still bigger than a horse'. Officials at all levels show respect for him, which is very helpful for your future official career."

Jonny helplessly sneered. He had heard these words since he was a child.

His life had been carefully planned by his parents, from primary school to university, from personal live to study. He didn't show any surprise!

But if there was one deviation, it must be Irene.

"Mom, I want to go out for a walk..." Jonny turned around and walked out of the room with his head down.

The air in the house was stifling. He would die if he stayed any longer!

"Jonny..." Viola sighed and gave a sharp glance at Paul, "Well, think about it. Just 200, 000 dollars, why are you so angry?"

"You know nothing!" Paul frowned and sighed, "I don't mind Jonny giving 200, 000 dollars to Irene, but Aaron gave me back 200, 000 dollars! I'm afraid that Jonny and Aaron will become enemies!"

Viola exclaimed, "What? You mean Aaron? Does Irene have anything to do with him? That's impossible. What identity does Irene have? How could she know Aaron?"

Viola thought in her mind, 'There is a world of difference between Irene and Aaron!'

"No matter what relationship Irene has with Aaron, you must keep an eye on Jonny and keep him away from Irene. Do you understand?"

"Oh! Oh! Okay, okay..." Viola responded, as if she was a hen laying eggs

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