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   Chapter 17 All Good Cabbages Had Been Twiddled By Pigs

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 4542

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"Aaron, your marriage with Jessica was arranged long ago, and this will directly affect whether you can inherit the Zhao Family 's property smoothly or not."

Aaron said coldly, "Humph! Even without the Zhao Family, I'm still Aaron. I don't need the Zhao Family's help."

On the other side of the line, the tone of Sara Li became more and more heavy, "Aaron, when have you become so willful?"

"It's not my fault. I've never been a self willed person. I'll explain to you and dad when I get back."

Then, Aaron hung up the phone.

At this time, a man who was almost the same height as Aaron sat next to him. The man's slender eyes squinted lazily and his eyebrows were raised high.

"When did you come here?" Aaron didn't look back at him and just said calmly.

"I came when you called," Jackson said indifferently, "How do you know it's me?"

Aaron replied, "Because I can smell the perfume on your body. How do you know I am here?"

"I knew it from the information of Carl's credit card." Jackson slowly leaned on the back of the chair and continued, "Aaron, I really don't understand why you married Irene. Do you want to make up for her childhood, or to fight against the Zhao Family on purpose or... you want to piss your father off?"

Aaron snorted and played with his phone, "Humph! I'm not a child, so I won't get married for a certain reason. Once I get married, I won't divorce her!"

Jackson shook his head helplessly, "Poor Irene, she's so young, and she just can't get rid of you in this way!"

"I heard that you were stuck with Helen?" Aaron quipped. At a woman's clothing store not far away from him, Aaron saw Irene was picking clothes on the shelf through the glass window.

With Helen's name being mentioned, Jackson felt a buzz in his head.

In his past 30 years, he had never seen such a bizarre woman!

No matter how he cursed her, she stuck to him all the time. As for beating, He was no match for her!

After a few seconds of silence, a strange expression suddenly appeared on Jackson's face, "Aaron, you've been alone for more than 30 years. I don't know if you have any physical problems. If you have some male diseases, you can contact me. I know a lot of good gynecological surgeons."

Aaron didn't answer Jac

kson's question, but said, "Helen have a good relationship with Irene, so don't treat Helen unfairly. Don't worry. I won't tell her that you are the son of the hotel magnate."


Standing up with an awkward expression, Jackson threw a car key to Aaron and said, "Take it. It's in the southwest corner of the parking lot with the tail size 555."

Aaron stood up too and walked towards Irene slowly.

An ordinary girl was excited to see the new clothes, but Irene had a grudge against the new clothes.

Irene wasn't stingy, but this dress was too expensive. Although it was beautiful, she needed to spend more than a thousand for a dress. Her heart would be very painful.

Her fingers skimmed through the clothes on the hanger and she wondered which one she would pick? Which is the economic and practical style of clothes?

Just when she was thinking about it, the shop assistant standing next to her couldn't wait any longer, "Miss, the unit price for each piece of our clothes is more than 800 dollars. If you want to get a discount, you can be our member, and thus you can get a 12% discount."

Hearing that, Irene thought, '12% off?

It will still cost more than 700 dollars!

It's still very expensive!

I still don't want to buy it!'

But Irene just was detested by the shop assistant this way, she could not be reconciled.

But then again, it was not easy for the shop assistant. She spent a long time picking the clothes but didn't buy a single one. If it were her, she would run out of patience.

After persuading herself, she was not angry, and only had pity and sympathy for the fate of the assistant.

"This, this, and this... Please pack them up!"

Aaron took off the clothes from the stands and threw them to the shop assistant. The assistant was stunned and looked at the rich and handsome man in front of her!

"Why are you still standing? Wrap them up!" Aaron ordered coldly.

"Okay, okay!" The waitress took the clothes to the counter with a dull expression, overwhelmed with sorrow and joy.

She was delighted that she sold the most expensive clothes to him. But she couldn't believe that such a handsome man's girlfriend was a rube. She could only sigh, 'Well, all good cabbages had been twiddled by pigs!'

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