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   Chapter 16 Use The Evil Money In The Evil Place

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 3922

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"Carl, everyone should be responsible for what they have done. Since you threw away my wife's things, you should be responsible for buying them back!" Aaron took out a credit card from Carl's wallet, and then threw the wallet back, "I hope this isn't too much!"

Carl was shocked to see Aaron. He thought, 'When did Aaron become so mean?'

"I get it. Aaron, you just care about your lover more than your friends!"

Aaron spread out his hands and said calmly, "As you said, we grew up together, so there is no need to hide it in front of you."

Aaron was an indifferent man, but he made two best friends with him. One was Carl, the other was Jackson. One of the reasons is that they grew up together, the other is that Aaron was able to bear their ridicule. In other words, whatever Carl said, Aaron didn't want to talk back.

So, Carl didn't mind if Aaron would max out his credit card.

Carl didn't respond. After he finished the noodles, he left. However, before he left, he also warned Irene, "Jackson is stuck with Helen. Please help him."

Irene was horrified. She knew very well who Helen was. That girl dared to love and hate. When she loved a man, it would be astonishing!

Being entangled by her, Jackson must have been really hard!

When she wanted to dial Helen's number, her phone was taken away by Aaron. He said, "Jackson is not a child. He can handle it!"


Before Irene had finished, Aaron cut in, "All you need to do now is to get dressed and go shopping!"

Irene was shocked, "What? I don't think it's a good idea? Will Carl mind?"

Aaron said, "No, he don't. He earned all his money from many rich women. Since his money is unethical, we need to use it in the evil place. This is also a way to help him gain his fortune."

After hearing that, Irene felt relieved.

"Well, that makes sense. Let's go!"

Irene quickly picked out a long skirt and put it on. She put up her hair and pulled it into a cute

little bun. Then she took her canvas bag and hopped out of the bedroom like a rabbit.

"Aaron, let's go!" She smiled like a little sun.

Aaron walked to her side, took her hand and said lightly, "Call me darling from now on!"

Irene's face turned red, and she walked out of the door with bowed head.

She looked up at her tall husband and realized that it was a mistake to wear canvas today.

The so-called the most cute height difference was only a comfort from the short woman.

She was a little girl, about 168 cm high. When she stood in front of Aaron who was 190 cm high, she felt a lump in her throat.

The shopping mall was not far from their house, so they walked towards it.

Many young girls on the way secretly looked at Aaron, and some even took out their mobile phones to take a snap. Irene was so proud. She had such a handsome husband. How could she not be envied?

When they arrived at the Parkson Grand, Irene stopped.

"Everything here is so expensive. We'd better go to other places."

"Don't worry. It's not cost our own money." Aaron put Carl's card in Irene's hand and continued, "So, you don't have to worry about it. You can spend as much as you can."

"But..." Irene was still hesitated.

"No but! Let's go!"

They went straight to the women's wear area on the third floor. At this time, Aaron's phone suddenly rang. He glanced at the phone number, and after letting Irene choose clothes by herself, he went to the rest area with a frown and answered the phone.


"Aaron, where are you?"

"I'm outside. What's the matter?"

At that moment, a beam of high light fell on Aaron's head and his face was shadowed. No one could see his expression clearly.

"Just now, Jessica came to your apartment. She said that she saw you at the door with a woman."

"Who I am with has nothing to do with her! Tell her not to come to our house again!" Said Aaron in a cold tone, but with a bit of anger.

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