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   Chapter 15 Throw Them Away

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Irene felt that she was like a pupil who had done something wrong and was being punished by the dean of education department.

"Yes, yes."

She rolled some noodles into her mouth with chopsticks and kept glancing furtively at Aaron.

Looking at the green coriander floating on the surface of the soup, Aaron's face suddenly turned cold. He took all the coriander out and threw them on the table.

"I can eat them if you don't like!" Irene put all the coriander in her bowl with a spoon and said, "At noon hoeing up the crops in the sweltering sun and sweat dripping onto the soil beneath the crops. Both food and vegetables are planted by the farmers who are very toilsome. How precious they are! We can't waste them."

Irene took a big bite and said, "You can give me whatever you don't like to eat in the future. I have a good appetite. Helen said that I was easy to feed."

Seeing her eating with relish, Aaron smiled and asked, "Did anyone say that you can arouse the appetite?"

"Yes, Jonny has said that I could make him eat an extra bowl of noodles if I ate with him!"

Irene suddenly realized something. She opened her mouth, blinked her big eyes and looked at Aaron innocently, "I, I didn't mean that..."

"Is Jonny nice to you?" He asked suddenly with an extremely cold attitude.

"Not bad. Oh! No... It's not too bad... "

"No matter how well he treated you, it's the past time, and I'm your present and future!"

"Yes, I know that." Irene was criticized by him unconditionally.

"So from now on, you can't fall in love with any other man, even a little!"

This man was so overbearing, but his domineering personality made her comfortable. Irene wondered whether she had been a glutton for punishment.

"I can't like any man?" She wanted to ask whether her father would count?

"If we have a son, you can like him! By the way, do you want to have a baby now?" Said Aaron seriously.


Irene was defeated by his demonic thought. One second ago they talked about her ex-boyfriend, and now he discuss

ed baby with her!

"If you want baby now, I can satisfy you. If you don't want now, I won't object. You are still young anyway! We can wait another three or five years."

Irene stared at him for a long time and blinked her eyes cutely, "It's up to you!"

At that moment, there was a knock on the door. Irene immediately stood up and opened the door. Carl walked in and threw a small bag to the ground. He said, "You can see if there's anything missing."

Irene froze for a long time. Then she looked at that bag and asked, 'That's all?'

Carl put on slippers and walked towards the living room with a nod, "Yes, I've brought back all the things that you can use. As for the rest, I've thrown them away!"

"Throw away?" Irene quickly opened the bag, and found that there were only a few clothes and underwear inside, which made her want to die.

"Where's my dress? Where are my toiletries? Where's my desk? And... And... My God? How can you throw my stuff away?"

"Your dress is out of date long ago, and your toiletries and desk are all broken, which cannot be used. So I gave them to dorm janitor. Wow, that janitor praised me for being a good young man." Carl immediately grabbed one bowl of delicious noodles from Aaron hands and ate it.

Although Irene wanted to play cute in front of Aaron, she couldn't stand Carl. She walked towards Carl, grabbed his chopsticks. Since he threw away all her precious things. She didn't allowed him to eat her noodles!

"Hey, I bought that dress the year before last, and it cost me more than 100 dollars. As for my desk, it just need to fix and still can be used. Why do you throw it away?"

Carl innocently looked at Irene and thought, 'I just threw away the waste. Why is she so angry?'

But he dared not to say that, because he was afraid that Irene would eat him!

He turned to Aaron, "Aaron, do you also think I throw them wrong?"

Then Aaron slowly stood up and put his fingers into Carl's pocket. Just as Carl was confused, his wallet had already thrown out of his pocket!

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