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   Chapter 10 Arrogant Happiness

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Helen was very clever. Before she found an excuse to escape, she gave a wink to Aaron and whispered in his ear, "You must be nice to Irene."

Although there was nothing wrong with her words, it seemed to be a little ambiguous to put it on a man and a woman alone.

Seeing that Irene acted with confusion, Aaron went to her and asked softly, "Do you need any help?"

"No, thank you. I'll be fine in a minute." Irene suddenly stood upright and turned around, but bumped into Aaron's chest unexpectedly.

His chest was so hard!

Irene felt her nose ached and covered the tip of her nose, wanting to scold him. But when she raised her head, she saw that Aaron, a handsome man, was standing in front of her. Looking up to 45 degree angle was absolutely perfect.

She was so shy that she blushed and grabbed the hem of her clothes with her hands down. "No, I can do it myself," she said shyly

It was a little hot today, and the electric fan in their dormitory had been moved away by the education department. Irene was so hot that she was sweating all over her forehead, and several drops fell on her cheeks to her chin, and precisely on her chest.

She was a pure and beautiful girl, sweating all over, with snow-white skin and a pair of slender legs!

The scene made any people fancy, including Aaron.

But Aaron had a strong mind.

"I'm your husband. No matter what happened, I should do something for you. You little girl, it is obviously that you haven't been doted by others."

Aaron touched her head and said, "Go to the bed. I'll clean it up."

Irene looked at Aaron's busy figure, stunned. He was the first one to say the word "dote" to her.

In fact, Irene's fate was tragic.

Her father passed away at a young age, and her mother was forcing her to work hard, while her sister was bullying her too. She couldn't afford to go to college without her aunt's help. As for Jonny, they had been together for several years. All along, she was not like his girlfriend, but like his nanny.

So she really d

idn't know how it felt to be doted.

Feeling a little sore in her nose, she sniffled and held back her tears. Irene asked foolishly, "Am I a loser?"

When Aaron heard Irene's words, he suddenly realized that he showed up too late.

He walked up to her, slowly crouched down, and stared at her clear and watery eyes with his dark eyes.

He raised his hand and put it around her neck, with her forehead against his.

"Irene, don't think about the past. You have me now. I will make you a woman who is arrogant happiness in the world!"

Irene was about to shed the touching tears, but she suddenly realized something.

What did 'arrogant happiness' mean?

That was not what the leading actor in the TV series said.

"What do you mean by that? 'Arrogant happiness'? You're only a driver. So if you can make me live a comfortable life, I will be satisfied. How dare I be arrogant?" Irene said and wiped her tears.

"But don't worry. I don't need you to support me. I have my own skills. When my father died, he gave me the family's secret manual. He said as long as I learned it, I would have a comfortable life!"

"Secret manual?

What is your secret manual?" Aaron asked.

Irene answered, "It is the secret manual of cooking noodles!"

After Aaron heard her reply, he felt shocked and funny.

He smirked awkwardly and asked, "Do you need to use the secret manual to cook noodles?"

"Of course! There are many problems in cooking noodles. such as what kind of flour do I need to make noodles and how much water do I need, and so on. The secret manual will help me. Irene laughed triumphantly, "So, you married a money spinner, are you happy?

Afterwards, when Irene reminded of these, she had the impulse to kill herself!

How could she claim to be a money spinner in front of Aaron!

Aaron laughed with her and said, "Yes, I married a money spinner."

"But..." Suddenly, Irene stopped laughing. She lowered her head slowly as if she did something wrong and said, "I have something to tell you..."

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