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   Chapter 7 Both Of Them Are Insane

Be Your One And Only By Bo Xiaoye Characters: 4232

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Carl's words made the atmosphere get awkward. When he wanted to say something more, he was held tightly by Jackson. "Do you know what the most terrible thing in the world is?" Jackson asked.

"What?" Carl was confused.

"That is when someone's penis is painted with an elephant, but you don't have a penis!" Jackson replied.

Carl caught a glimpse of the gloomy expression on Jackson's face and shivered all of a sudden. This was his warning from Jackson. If he continued to pester them, his penis would disappear one day!

Carl didn't dare to say anything more, and the car went quiet immediately.

It was noisy one moment ago and then fell silent the next. Irene felt atmosphere strange.

So she wanted to find a topic to ease the embarrassment.

"Aaron, what do you two friends do?"

Although Irene was not the daughter of a rich family, she could see that this car must be expensive because it was spacious and high-end with leather seats and an exquisite interior decoration. As a driver, how could Aaron have such friends?

She was a little curious.

Aaron seemed to have read her mind and explained to her, "Carl is a singer in the bar and Jackson has a hotel. As for this car, it was bought by Carl from a smuggling businessman, and its price was only twenty thousand dollars."

"Oh, I see..." Irene nodded her head dully. It seemed that she had thought too much. She asked again, "Is it difficult for Jackson to open a hotel?"

"Of course. You can guess it from the depressed look on Jackson's face," Aaron replied.

"Well, yeah, I'll call him poker Jackson later, okay?"

"Of course! I like his nickname. It sounds cordial to call him by his nickname. Honey, you're so clever. From now on, I'll call you king of wit."

The couple went on echoing each other and paid no attention to Jackson's feeling. However, at this time, Jackson thought, 'She called me poker Jackson? She never asked for my opinion. My life is about to be overturned!

And why did Aaron smile like that? It seemed that it was really not good for a man to never do sex. It might lead to endocrine disorde

rs and facial nerve necrosis!'

Suddenly, Carl gave Jackson a quick, meaningful look and said, "Poker Jackson, do you have a little heartbeat? Do you want to find a wife?"

Jackson's face darkened and he shouted, "Fuck off!"

When the car arrived at the gate of the school, Irene and Aaron got off the car first, Jackson and Carl also followed.

Seeing that they were going to follow her into the school, Irene was stunned.

"You three just wait here. If you all go inside, I'm afraid that girls in my school will riot."

Hearing this, Aaron was a little disappointed, because he wanted to see what her dormitory looked like.

But he still said softly, "Okay, you can go in now. We will wait for you here."

Irene nodded her head, turned around and trotted into the school. She wanted to look back to see if Aaron had been gazing at her all the time.

It was written in a novel that if the hero really loved the heroine, he would always watch her back until she disappeared.

However, she did not have the courage to see him. If he had turned around and left, she would be very disappointed and embarrassed.

Irene was lost in her thoughts when she suddenly heard a scream, "Irene, where did you go last night?"

When she turned her head, she saw that Helen Wu rushed towards her with tears and snot. Before she could dodge, she was held by Helen, who had wiped Irene's clothes with her nasal mucus.

"Irene, how could you be so cruel? Do you know how much I worry about you? I called you many times but nobody answered the phone. I thought you went out with Jonny..."

Irene immediately covered Helen's mouth when she heard that something was wrong. She anxiously looked at Aaron not far away, and saw that there was no difference in his face, so she was relieved.

"Helen, when can you control your mouth?"

"Irene, where on earth did you go last night? I went to ask Jonny, but he just hemmed and hawed and couldn't give me an answer. There must be something wrong between you two."

Irene signed and lowered her head, "Let's talk about it after we go back to our dormitory."

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