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   Chapter 4 So Unfulfilled

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The next morning, Irene woke up with bleary eyes and a pounding headache.

"Ouch! My head hurts."

She rubbed her forehead hard, as if it would take the pain away. She tried to open her eyes but they were too exhausted to follow her.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of running water followed by the opening and closing of a door. And then there were footsteps.

'Why am I hearing all these noises?' she thought to herself, confused.

She tried her best to open her eyes and saw the blurry silhouette of a man. He was walking around topless in front of her.

That jolted Irene awake. She bolted up from the bed and looked at the man with wide, surprised eyes.

Aaron heard the commotion from the bed and turned sharply to see Irene staring at him with wide eyes.

They looked at each other wearing surprised looks.

All of a sudden, Irene screamed. Her hands found the pillows on the bed and began throwing them at Aaron.

"You son of a bitch! Who are you? Aren't you a gentleman? Get out or else I'm going to call the cops on you! I'll tell them to arrest you!"

Aaron kept dodging the pillows that Irene was throwing his way until one of them hit him square in the face.

Now fed up with her antics, he rushed to her, grabbed her hands before he pinned her into the bed with his body. Irene struggled beneath him like an irate kitten.

"Listen to me! You were the one who seduced me all night long. I did not touch you!"

His words made Irene stop. She could only look at Aaron as tears began to pool in the corners of her eyes.

She thought, 'I did? And he didn't want to touch me? My God! That's why I feel so unfulfilled!'

"I seduced you and you still didn't do anything? Are you sure you're a man?"

"Do you want to check?"

"No! Of course not." Irene shook her head. "If you're a real man, you would let me go at this instant. I don't know what would happen if you continue to pin me down in the next few seconds."

With a snort, Aaron slowly stood up and let her go. "Don't worry. Immature girls like you are not my type."

"Immature?" Irene murmured.

She lowered her head and looked at her flat chest. 'Was it my breasts? I know they're too flat for someone who's already twenty-three years old now. But I'm sure they will still grow!'

"I'm talking about your head, not your breasts,"

Aaron said dryly as he noticed her eyes on her breasts.

Irene bit her lip. Aaron just caught her embarrassingly checking her flat chest. She had never in her whole life wanted to

dig a hole and disappear until that moment.

She thought, 'It's true what they say. The more handsome a man is, the sharper his tongue is.'

Irene took a deep breath and pulled the quilt over her chest. She yelled, "Give me my clothes back now! I want to go home."

"Your clothes aren't dry yet. Do you want me to ask the hotel maids to buy you a suit?" Aaron leaned against a table and watched Irene leisurely. She looked adorable right now.

Meanwhile, Irene was mulling over his suggestion over her head. 'Ask the maids to buy me a suit? Just how expensive would that be?

And wait, just how much does this room cost? I'm sure this man would ask me to pay for my share. If I asked the maids to buy me clothes, I would never have enough money to cover my bills for this month!'

"No, thank you! I can just borrow the hotel maid's clothes, if they have any extra. Wait a second. Who changed my clothes last night? Was it you?"

She looked straight at Aaron in disbelief. He could only cross his arms at her incredulous tone. "Have you forgotten what happened last night?"


Irene was stunned at his line of questioning.

'From his expression, it seems like I've done something really bad last night.'

Irene stuttered as she tried to guess at what had happened, "I guess I blacked out after drinking too much last night. Did I do anything else? I really couldn't remember anything."

'And that's for the best,'

Aaron thought as he smirked to himself.

"Last night, you were so drunk that you threw up all over me. Then you began to take off your clothes and tried to sleep with me. But I don't sleep with drunk girls. I tried my best to resist you. I saw you sleeping by the curbside last night. I was kind enough to bring you here but what did you do in retaliation? How could you try to do that to me?"

Irene felt her head pound at his recalling of last night.

'Well, at least nothing happened between us last night,' Irene comforted herself.

"Alright. I got it. I'm really sorry for all the things I did to you last night. And don't worry about the accommodation fee. I'll pay you for it. Give me your bank account number too so I can transfer the laundry bills."

"Are you done?"

Aaron asked as he looked at Irene seriously. She felt a shiver of fear from his gaze and held the quilt closer to her. "Then, what else do you want me to do?"

"Does what you said last night still count?" Aaron asked softly.

'What the hell did I say last night?!' Irene thought.

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