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   Chapter 473 You Know Me, Don't You

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6244

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In the hospital, Enrique went to see Albert first, but Ashley was still not very friendly to him. Enrique just put down the breakfast and left After Enrique left, Ares said something more.

"Well, tomorrow is little cutie's funeral."

Ares looked at Ashley, only to see a sneer on her lips. Albert, who was lying on the bed, nodded at him with red eyes.

"Go back and tell Enrique that we will be there on time tomorrow."

"Albert, are you crazy? The doctor said you..."

Albert waved his hand. He looked very tired and didn't want to say anything more to Ashley. Jerome was still nowhere to be seen in the ward, and Ares didn't know where he was.

In addition to Albert's ward, Enrique went to the room of two children. The two of them were still sleeping, but their eyes were filled with tears. He quietly walked out and entered Harris's ward.

Harris leaned against the bed with a heavy face. Seeing that Enrique was coming, he waved at him.

"Hi, Enrique."

"Dad, are you feeling better?"

"Well, when is Teresa's funeral?"


Harris didn't say anything more. Instead, he took the breakfast Enrique brought here and ate it up.

"Go ahead with your work. Don't forget to pick me up tomorrow."


After taking a look at his father, Enrique turned around and went back to the company. He had to arrange everything well these days. He didn't know how Tony had dealt with all the matters since he was not here these two days.

When Enrique left, the butler who had been serving Harris walked up to him.

"Mr. Harris."

"Okay, help me to go to Albert's ward."

That day, Harris went to see Albert. Albert drove Ashley out of the ward, and the two of them talked about something. Ashley was very dissatisfied with it.

On that day, there were only a few bodyguards sent by Moore left in the ward. They were responsible

Standing next to Lydia, Mandy was wiping her tears. Lydia, who was leaning not far away, looked at the family with a flash of pleasure in her eyes. 'It's really good,' she thought.

"Oh, why didn't you ask me to attend my niece's funeral?"

At this time, a man walked in from the door with a crutch. He was obviously lame. His hair was grey and he had a pair of glasses on his face. However, he was wearing a dark red suit, which was so inconsistent with the black and white mourning hall.

The man was followed by twelve bodyguards in suits, ties and sunglasses, and the man standing next to him, wearing gold rimmed glasses, looked gentle.

"Three old friends, long time no see."

The man limped and stood in front of Albert, Harris, and Gavin. The three of them twitched the corners of their mouths and looked coldly at the man in front of them, especially Harris, whose eyes were full of anger and hatred.

"What? You don't welcome me? But today, I have to come."

Harris clenched his fists. Although Albert looked haggard, he could still keep his mind. He secretly pulled Harris back.

"Well, look at you three. Why are you all looking at me as if you are looking at an enemy? You know me, don't you?"

The man sneered.

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