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   Chapter 471 Teresa's Funeral

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6878

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'Teresa, why are you so disappointing? How could you die like that? Why did you leave these people who love and care for you and let them sad? How do you have the heart to do that?'

People's lives were too fragile. The people, who was still standing with you talking and laughing, might disappear in this world without saying anything the next day. It was unexpected.

After comforting Brain and Bruce, Enrique went to another ward. Yesterday morning, Harris had been transferred from the intensive care unit to the general ward. Although he had recovered well, there was still something in his heart. ...

When Enrique entered the ward, Harris was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling with an aged expression. He was just like Albert. Enrique sat next to Harris.

The two of them didn't say anything. Harris kept staring at the ceiling. After a long time, he grabbed the hand of Enrique.

"Enrique, it's my fault. I'm sorry for Teresa."

Enrique was stunned and said nothing. He gently patted his father's hand. It really had nothing to do with him. But after Harris knew that Teresa had an accident, he was stimulated and sent to the emergency room.

He must have put all the blame on himself. He felt that he shouldn't have treated Teresa badly in the past two days, but Enrique knew in his heart that he was the one who should be blamed.

When Teresa was alive, he forced her to stay with him in order to revenge her. When he found that he did not hate her at all, but loved her, she would never appear in his life again.

How ridiculous and pathetic it was! Maybe God wanted to punish him. And god wanted to take away the woman he loved most, because god felt that it was not enough to take away his mother.

"Dad, I'll take Teresa home soon." ...

Harris's eyes dimmed a lot. After hearing that Enrique would take Teresa back home, Harris had known more or less that Teresa would never come back.

What if he treated her better at that time? If they hadn't done all those things, maybe Teresa wouldn't...

Just as Enrique was

been in the hospital for so long. If they didn't cremate her body soon... At last, Enrique agreed with Ares.

The funeral will be held in the cremator. As long as you have money, the person in charge of the cremator will hold a grand funeral for you.

Besides, they had already made a phone call in advance. The mourning hall had been arranged, and only the dead were needed. The car stopped directly at the hospital, and Teresa's body was covered with a white cloth.

Everything was ready, including the mourning robe. But Teresa was wearing a white wedding dress which was prepared by Enrique. He wanted to send her away in the most beautiful way.

The funeral was held two days later. Enrique didn't even have the courage to look at Teresa's face. As if escaping from this reality and leaving in a hurry.

He didn't go back to the hospital, nor did he go home. Instead, he sat in front of a stall in the night market, drinking wine one by one. Teresa once said that after she escaped from the Gu Family, when she was abroad, what she missed most was such a small stall in the night market. She also said that she really liked to be with Fiona who was with her at that time.

They would order some kebabs, and each of them would order a glass of beer, and then they would drink happily under the starry light. Enrique also wanted to accompany her like this.

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