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   Chapter 470 Death Confirmation

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6618

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"Grandpa Albert, mom will be back. She will be back."

"Good boy, good boy. You two are both good kids. You are right. Abby will come back safely. She will."

With red eyes, Albert held the hands of Brain and Bruce. On that day, Harris didn't wake up and Albert didn't leave the hospital.

On that day, Brain and Bruce were very obedient. They stayed with Albert all the time and didn't cry or make any noise. They even persuaded Albert to eat something.

On that day, Enrique didn't go back to the hospital. Albert and others didn't know what he had gone to do. Even Moore called him and wanted to say that Albert was in the hospital, but no one answered the phone.

That day, Albert was accompanied by Gavin. He didn't know what he could do for this old friend and what he should do.

He had watched Teresa grow up. How could he not feel heartbroken if she really died? He just hoped that everything would be fine. He just hoped that their family could be safe and sound.

On the second day, Harris woke up. Albert was the first and only person that Harris wanted to see. No one knew what they had said.

When Albert came out, his eyes were red. He didn't say anything since that day, with Brain and Bruce around.

On the third day, Enrique still didn't come back. The police found a corpse soaked in water from the place where the accident happened to Teresa. The corpse was naked, but the police concluded that the clothes was washed by the river, so it was not dressed.

According to the hairstyle, it should be Teresa, who had been missing for a long time. The police called the Shen Family, but they couldn't get through. Then they got in touch with Albert and issued a death confirmation.

At the moment when Albert received the death confirmation of Teresa, his expression seemed to have aged more than ten years. He suddenly fell on the long bench in the hospital, unable to come to his senses for a long time.

When he came to his senses, tears cours


"Don't cry. Your mother doesn't like Brain and Bruce to be like this. If she sees it, she will be sad and distressed."

"Daddy is lying! Daddy is lying! Mommy will never come back! She will never come to see Brain and Bruce again! Daddy is lying!"

Enrique patted gently on Brain's back.

"Who said your mother couldn't come back? She must be somewhere watching you secretly. If you keep doing this, she will really be sad."

Brain raised his head and looked at Enrique. Tears were still falling, and his body was hot. Enrique nodded.

"Brain and Bruce are the best. You two don't want your mom to be sad, do you?"

"Yes, yes. Even if mom is not here anymore, it is said that people would leave their soul in this world. Mom must be nearby. She would never want to see that Bruce and I are like this..."

Brain tried his best to hold back his tears, while Bruce quietly leaned against the arms of Enrique, weeping. After hearing what Enrique said, he silently wiped the tears on his face with his small hands.

But his tears were always coming out of his eyes. He couldn't wipe them all. What should he do? They couldn't let their mother see it. If their mother saw it, she would be sad. They didn't want their mother to be sad.

Standing aside, Moore sighed. No one wanted to see such a result.

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