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   Chapter 467 Breakdown

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6902

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"Why are you the only ones back? Where is Teresa?"

Harris asked in a deep voice, but no one answered him. Enrique stood in front of Harris in a daze with a gloomy expression on his face, while Ares and Moore were standing aside silently. There were many Moore's men standing behind the three of them. However, when they saw that Moore didn't say anything, how dare they talk too much?

"This home is getting more and more different. Now even no one answered my question, right? I'll ask you again. Where is Teresa? Where is she? Did she go back to the Gu Family? Was she not willing to go back to the Shen Family? Did she feel guilty? She did such a thing to me, so she fled back to the Gu Family for refuge? I'm not dead yet."

Harris had a bad temper. Ares looked at Harris in disbelief. If he remembered it right, Harris loved and cared Teresa very much. But why did it sound different now?

Now that something had happened to Teresa, and Enrique became like this, what on earth had happened while he was away? Did they all become like this? Did they all become a stranger he didn't know?

"Mr. Harris, please don't yell anymore. Teresa didn't go back to the Gu Family. Instead, something bad happened to her on the yacht party yesterday night. The police have begun to search and rescue her, but there is no news from last night till now."

Moore's voice sounded, and Harris took a few steps back and slumped into the sofa.

"What... What did you say? What did you just say?"

Something flashed through Harris's eyes, but only he knew what it was. Moore repeated what he said just now. Harris seemed to be stimulated and covered his chest all of a sudden.

"Mr. Harris."


In front of them, Harris passed out. A group of people hurriedly carried Harris into the car and sent him to the hospital.

When the Shen Family was in a mess, the door of one of the guest rooms was opened slowly. Lydia's eyes were as cold as ice. She sneered. The door was closed slowly again.

In the hospital, Harris was sent to the emergency room. The doct

y by Moore, came back with one child in each of his arms. Moore stopped them outside the door. He wanted to say something to Brain and Bruce.

"Brain, Bruce, your Grandpa Harris is sick, and your mother have something to do abroad. Your father is in a bad mood now. Well, what should you do?"

The two children, Brain and Bruce, were silent, and their eyes were even a little red.

"Uncle, we all heard what you said at our home. Something happened to mom, right?"

Moore was stunned. He really didn't notice that the two children were nearby at that time. He sighed slightly. Even if they were really not here, in fact, the two children were so smart.

They hadn't stopped the servants of Shen Family from gossiping. The two kids would know it sooner or later. The man next to them looked at his boss with embarrassment.

He didn't want to tell him. In fact, when he went to Shen Family's house, the nanny knocked on the door. The two children hugged each other and huddled in the corner of their room, crying. Even he, a hooligan, felt sorry for them.

"No, your mother is just missing. The police are looking for her."

The two children's eyes turned red and nodded. Bruce looked at Moore.

"Uncle Moore, where are Grandpa Harris and dad?"

"Your Grandpa Harris is out of danger now and he is resting in the ward. But your dad is not in good condition."

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