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   Chapter 466 Teresa Is Dead

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6944

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"Enrique, come up from the river. You couldn't let anything happen to yourself before you find Teresa, right?"

Seeing that Enrique didn't listen to his words at all, Moore frowned. He jumped into the river and forced Enrique back to the small yacht. The man beside them quickly handed them dry towels.

"Enrique! Enough is enough."

Without saying a word, Enrique leaned against the wobbly small yacht. Moore gave a glance at the man next to him. The man understood and drove the small yacht directly to the shore.

When they just arrived at the shore, the police had already arrived. They were about to search on the river. After all, it was Christopher who called the police. Even if Teresa was missing less than twenty-four hours, the police would still come for the sake of Christopher.

Now that the police had been sent out, Enrique took a few steps back. 'Ah, Teresa. Teresa...'

Both Enrique and Christopher were taken to the police office and interrogated. It was when Enrique was asking question by the police that Jerome arrived. As soon as Jerome arrived at the police station, he punched Enrique. Enrique didn't resist and was really punched by Jerome.

But how could Jerome let him go so easily. When he was about to swing his fist again, he was stopped by the police beside them. This was not the place where they could do whatever they wanted.

"Enrique, you killed Abby in the end. I won't let you go."

Thinking of this, Jerome couldn't help bursting out his emotions. His eyes were as red as a beast's. He had protected Abby for so many years. She was his beloved sister.

It was all because of this beast in front of him. It was him who kept torturing her time and time again. He was the murderer.

Since the accident, Enrique hadn't even changed his wet clothes. With his head down, no one could see his expression at the moment.

Jerome, however, was like a furious lion. If he hadn't been in the police office, he might have killed Enrique. Moore glanced at Jerome.

Half an hour later, Ares, who had been missing for a long time, ar

ect Enrique. They needed to prevented Jerome rush up to fight against Enrique all of a sudden. However, when they walked out of the police office, Jerome suddenly calmed down. He didn't say anything and directly drove away.

Because he didn't believe it at all. He didn't believe that Abby was dead. He didn't believe that the little princess of the Gu Family, Abigale, was dead. Abby must be waiting for him to save her. It must be like this. He couldn't waste time anymore.

Ares, Moore and a group of Moore's men escorted Enrique back to the Shen Family's house. Harris was already in the living room. He was told that Enrique and Teresa hadn't come back since yesterday.

He was so angry that he stood in front of the door, trying to teach his disobedient son a lesson. Lydia was in her room, and Mandy had already brought her food. Perhaps it was because of Mandy's words yesterday, she had been staying in her room since last evening, and she hadn't even visited Harris.

Hearing the noise at the door, Harris was angry. When he was about to say something, he suddenly found that there were many people there. Enrique was standing in the middle of Moore and a man who looked like a vagrant. Harris frowned.

"What happened?"

Harris, who was in better health, stamped on the floor with his walking stick. He looked at those people. He found that he didn't see Teresa.

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