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   Chapter 437 Brain Was Jealous

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However, just now, his mother looked at Bruce dotingly, reached out her hand to touch his head, and lowered her head to kiss him gently on his forehead. As expected, his mother loved Bruce more. She must think that he was usually naughty, and that must be why she loved Bruce more.

"Then why don't you go there?"

Brain shook his head. His mother had given birth to two children. Didn't she know that herself? There was only Bruce by her side, but she couldn't remember that she still had another son. She must not like him and must think he was dispensable. It must be like this.

"Why don't you go there? Let's go. Grandpa Albert will take you there."

Albert held Brain's hand and wanted to go to the back garden with him, but Brain shook his head repeatedly.

"Grandpa Albert, I... I don't want to go. I want to go back to my room."

"Hey, Brain?"

Harris and Albert looked at each other, wondering what was going on with the child. How could he behave like this? Wasn't he always a troublemaker? What happened?

"Did Brain do something wrong and Teresa let him stand here as a punishment?"

Harris turned his head to look at Albert. Albert shook his head and disapproved. His Abby was not that kind of girl. The two children must be the same important for her.

"What's the point of guessing here? Just ask Abby."

Albert rolled his eyes at Harris and strode towards the back garden. Of course, Harris was unwilling to fall behind. He quickly took two steps forward and walked to the back garden. When Harris was about to scold Teresa, Bruce had already found the two of them with his sharp eyes.

"Grandpa Harris, Grandpa Albert."

"Bruce is the best. What are you doing with mommy?"

When facing the two children, Harris's and Albert's expression even softened. Teresa put down her pen. It was so boring to stay at home. She thought that she could continue to create at home even if she didn't go to work in the company. Anyway, she didn't want to

Sarah to laugh at her that she couldn't even take good care of a child. If Mr. Enrique knew it, he would deduct her salary.

At noon, Teresa and the others went back to the restaurant for lunch, but they didn't see Brain. Teresa frowned and wondered if Brain was uncomfortable? Teresa went upstairs directly, followed by Bruce. He hadn't seen Brain for a long time today. He missed him so much. If he was there, he would draw faster.

"Knock, knock, Brain. Are you still sleeping? Mommy is coming in."

There was no sound in the room. Teresa frowned and asked a servant to open the door, only to find that the door was locked from inside. On the other side, Bruce frowned. It seemed that he did the same thing when Brain was angry with their father. 'Did he cry inside again? But why? Why he cried this time?'

"When did Brain get up?"

Bruce raised his head and asked the servant beside him. The young maid really wanted to cry right now. Mr. Enrique asked her to take care of Mr. Brain. If anything happened to Mr. Brain, she would be in big trouble. After all, she was only a maid who worked here for a living.

"Mr. Bruce, Mr. Brain has got up at half past eight in the morning. But not long ago, he was on the balcony. And then when I walked towards here, he suddenly cried and ran back to his room."

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