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   Chapter 436 Considerate Bruce

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7256

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Lying on the bed, Enrique didn't pay any attention to Teresa, who was still standing there. He read for a while before he turned off the light and was ready to sleep. From beginning to end, he hadn't taken a look at Teresa. This time, he was really angry. This woman, who had slept on the same bed with him, still didn't trust him. If he was about to do something to Fiona, he would have done it earlier. There was no need for him to wait until now to spread the news through the media.

He had no enmity with the Jiang Group. If he had to say what was on his mind, he wanted to acquire the Jiang Group. But judging from the current situation, the Jiang Group should have been in the pocket of the PL Group. Although he had his own selfish motives, it was too early. Moreover, he also had not been fully prepared yet.

Did this woman really have no idea why he targeted Jiang Group and PL Group at the same time? Thinking of this, Enrique felt that it was ridiculous for him to do all these thing for such a woman. He turned over. He faced Teresa with his back.

Teresa didn't know how long she had been standing there. She didn't know when Enrique fell asleep. The moonlight outside was a little hazy. They didn't close the curtain in their room. Teresa looked out of the window at the moonlight. 'Fiona, it's my fault. I failed to protect you. I'm sorry.'

On the second day, when Enrique woke up, he didn't see Teresa in the room. He frowned and wondered where she had gone. He looked around and didn't find any trace that she had slept last night. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, Enrique went out and he was told that Teresa was in the back garden of the villa.

Before going to work, Enrique deliberately went to the back garden to have a look. Not far away, with a drawing board in her hand, Teresa was sketching the flowers and plants on her board. He turned around and left. It seemed that he would feel uneasy if he couldn't see her recently. Teresa didn't turn around until Enrique left. In fact, she knew that Enrique was standing here and looking at her just now.

She fixed her eyes on the drawing board again. It was just a rough sketch

ne first. Children like them in such a young age should draw anything they want in any way. It was more accurate to say that they should do graffiti rather than drawing. But Bruce had started to act like a little adults and did thing step by step carefully from such a young age. She glanced at him and thought, 'He was still a child. He should become much freer and much happier.'

Teresa didn't want her child to be like this. She pointed at the outline on the drawing board.

"Bruce, you can draw whatever you want. In fact, you don't have to act like an adult."

"Mommy, this is what I want to draw."

Bruce blinked his big innocent eyes and looked at Teresa. Teresa smiled and thought, 'Well, Bruce is always like this. If I want him to behave like Brain, it will let him be unhappy.'

"Okay, okay. Bruce is the best."

When Albert and Harris came back from the outside, they saw that Brain was pouting and leaning against the door with an expression of grievance on his face. How could Harris not feel sorry for his grandson when he saw him like this? Harris came towards him as soon as possible. Even Albert put down the birdcage which was in his hand.

"Brain, why are you here alone? Where is Bruce?"

Brain pointed to a place not far away, his eyes glittering with tears. He didn't see Bruce since he got up in the morning. The nanny told him that Bruce and his mother were in the back garden. He had planned to go there.

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