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   Chapter 340 Albert

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6835

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He hoped that after Abby left the Gu Family, she could live a free and carefree life as she wanted. In this way, he was willing to bear the pain that they couldn't see each other. But now, Abby was living a more painful life. He couldn't stand aside and let Abby be alone and helpless. The Gu Family must be her support.

In the ward of the hospital, Teresa closed her eyes. Although what happened to her this time was because of Enrique, she still wanted to thank him sincerely. No matter what his purpose was, she was already very grateful to him for taking Bruce to see her. At least, he let her see Bruce and let her confirm whether Bruce was good or not. ...

That was all she could hope for now. Suddenly, she felt so helpless.

In the Gu Family, Jerome found the butler and asked about his father. And he knew from the butler that his father was playing chess with Uncle Gavin in the back garden. As for this Uncle Gavin, he had been working hard with his father when he was young. He had always been his assistant and never left him. Although his position had been promoted in the end, he said that he would be his father's assistant all his life and would not change.

The garden of the villa was surrounded by green shade, and the scenery here was very beautiful. In the center of the garden, there was a pavilion, where his father and Uncle Gavin were talking and laughing happily.

"Ha-ha, Gavin, why are you still so poor in chess after so many years?"

"Nonsense! I have asked my granddaughter to download the chess strategy for me. It is impossible for me to be so poor in chess like before! No, No. let's go on. I'm not convinced anyway."

"Even if you don't want to accept it, you can't deny it. Brilliant people are lonely, because we can't find opponents."

"Ha-ha, you are so narcissistic. Let's go on."


"Hey, is that Jerome? Why are you standing there?"

Gavin raised his head by accident and saw Jerome. It had been a while since he last saw him. He thought, 'Jerome is becoming more mature. What a

tter a little more serious. After hearing this, Albert stood up angrily and knocked heavily on the ground with his walking stick.

"Enrique Shen. Does he really think there is no one in the Gu Family? How dare he bullies my daughter like this?"

Jerome knew that his goal had been achieved. For so many years, in Albert's heart, Abby had always been there.

"Why are you still standing there? Get a car. We need to go out."


On the other side, when Enrique and Bruce arrived at the villa, they saw Brain, who was still standing at the door. The nanny rushed forward as soon as she saw her boss.

"Boss, you are finally back. Since you left, Brain has been standing here without eating, drinking or talking. It's heartbreaking to see him like this."

Enrique took a look at Brain and took Bruce into the house. Brain was so stubborn that Enrique felt that he looked more and more like Teresa.

"Dad, let Brain in."

Bruce raised his head and called his father in a low voice. Then, Enrique loosened his grip, indicating that he agreed. After all, he still loved his child. When he heard the nanny say that, he was angry. Why didn't the nanny take good care of Brain?

"Brain, let's go upstairs. I saw mommy and she asked me to bring you a message."

"Go away. I hate you."

Brain shook off Bruce's hand and ran upstairs with a cry.

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