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   Chapter 338 Chips

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6684

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Brain pretended to be cute for a long time, but Enrique didn't seem to have changed his mind and he didn't say anything. Instead, he leaned against the side and looked at him with interest. Brain pouted and looked up at Enrique.

"You did a good job today. If you can still act like this after I come back, I'll take you there tomorrow."

At last, Brain finally saw the cruel man carrying Bruce in his arms and leaving. Suddenly, he felt so helpless and lonely, as if he had been abandoned by the whole world. His tears were falling down to the ground along his fleshy little face. His small hands tightly grasped his clothes. Brain was standing there motionlessly and looking at the back of Enrique.

He stood there for a long time. No matter what the nanny said, he didn't respond.

On the other hand, with Bruce in his arms, Enrique got into the car with an indifferent expression. He turned his head and looked at the boy who was with almost the same expression as him. He must be on guard. If he took both children with him, he would lose all his chips in case of any accident.

"Daddy, what are you worried about?"

At this time, Bruce, who was sitting beside him, said. He was only three years old, but he had an indifferent expression on his face and he looked very mature.

"Oh? What do you mean?"

Enrique looked at Bruce with a smile. He thought it was necessary to focus on training him. Maybe he could take over the company in the future. As for Brain, he was not calm enough and his performance remained to be seen.

"You know it in your heart."

The driver pretended not to hear anything, but he couldn't help but sigh in his heart, 'He is the son of Mr. Enrique. He is really different from other kid.' The driver suddenly thought of his twelve year old son who was lying on the ground and crying yesterday because he didn't buy him toys. Compared with his son, this child was so mature. 'It seems that after I get off work today, I need to talk to my wife.

I have t

e bodyguards looked at each other. When they were about to knock, the door opened from inside.

"Enrique, are you a man or not?"

Enrique looked at Lena whose eyes were still a little red and her face was ferocious.

"Auntie Lena."

At this moment, Bruce spoke at the right time. He knew that if he did not speak, his father and auntie would quarrel, and their quarrel would affect his mother's rest.

"Bruce, come here. How are you doing these days?"

As soon as Lena saw Bruce, she couldn't hold back her tears and squatted down to hug his small body. Then she looked around.

"Where is Brain?"

"Daddy didn't bring him here."


"I have to guard against others just like Gu Family. As soon as I left, your family's doorman appeared at the door."


"What? You just have already held my son. Would you mind moving aside and let us in?"

"I won't let you in. Bruce. Let's go inside to see your mother."

After saying that, Lena stood up and was about to take Bruce to the ward.

"Bruce, do you want to go in with me or with her?"

Bruce turned around and looked at Enrique standing there. This man was smiling, but he let others feel he was so dangerous. Bruce lowered his head and withdrew his hand from Lena's. He went back to the side of Enrique and reached out to hold his hand.

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