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   Chapter 336 Unconscious

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6937

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At five o'clock in the morning, Ares looked at Teresa who was lying on the bed. It had only been four years, but why did little cutie look much vicissitudes.

"Ares, I'll go to the TH Group later. I still can't get through to Enrique."

"Okay. By the way, brother, can you buy me some breakfast first? I'm so hungry."

"I'll ask my subordinates outside to run errands for you later. I have to go back and change my clothes."

He couldn't wear blood stained clothes to see Enrique. Although Enrique looked gentle on the surface, he was actually very picky.

At seven o'clock, Enrique, Bruce and Brain had breakfast together. The eyes of the two kids were a little red. And, they were too quiet today. However, it seemed that Enrique did not discover it. He left after telling the two kids a few words. He didn't care about their red eyes at all.

As soon as Brain saw his bad daddy leave, he made a face at his back and continued to eat. He had no choice but behave well. He missed his mother so much. He didn't know how his mother was now. Without the two of them by her side, she must miss the two of them as well, right? So no matter what, the two of them must try their best to behave well and see their mother after a week. And what they needed to do today was to call their mother.

When Enrique arrived at the company, he saw Lena with red eyes, Jerome and Tristan standing beside her.

"Enrique, where did you hide Abby?"

Enrique frowned tightly, because Lena came to blame him directly when she saw him. There was a cold smile around the corner of his mouth.

"Ms. Lena, you came to my company early this morning to look for your sister? What? Hasn't she come to the company yet? She's got a lot of airs. She's coming in later than the boss."

"Enrique. Cut the crap. Give Abby and the two kids back to us. Otherwise, don't blame us for being ruthless."

"Ms. Lena, you've said that before and you was ruthless to me before."

"Enrique! Your bastard!"

"Honey, calm down."

At the same time, Lena was pulled by Tristan beside her. There was n

e treated her.

It had been so many years. Why didn't he let it go? Why after so many things happened, even after he almost lost his life because of that woman, he still had no way to forget her. It was said that as much love as hatred. Teresa, didn't you understand? Maybe you really didn't understand!

Ares came back after breakfast and saw Enrique.

"Hey, long time no see."

He went up and gently punched on the shoulder of Enrique. They were old friends, and they would naturally greet each other. Enrique automatically ignored the hatred of the Gu Family for him. Anyway, those people didn't matter to him.

"Oh, my God! That woman over there looks very beautiful. Why does her eyes seem to be able to eat people? To be honest, Enrique, are you playing with her feelings?"

"Birds of a feather flock together."

Lena, of course, heard what he said and shouted at Ares fiercely. But Ares didn't felt angry at all. He turned around and said with a smile.

"I don't know why you said that. But good men do make good men friends."


Once again, she was pissed off. Tristan quickly pulled his wife away from them. If his wife was pissed off again, he would definitely the one who feel sorry for her.

"Lena, let's go inside to see Abby."


Sure enough, as long as it had something to do with Abby, his wife would definitely care about it.

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