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   Chapter 326 Her Capacity

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6052

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"I... I just saw Teresa talking and laughing with a man outside. I didn't see who the man was at that time. I thought it was you."

Yilia stammered out what she had prepared, and secretly raised her eyes to observe the expression on the man's face in front of her.

And she found that after hearing these words, the man in front of her clenched his hands tightly, and his dark eyes were filled with deep anger.

Seeing his reaction, Yilia knew she got what she wanted. As she had expected, Enrique was angry with what she just said. A sinister smile involuntarily appeared on the corner of Yilia's mouth.

Since Enrique had been paying attention to what she said, he didn't notice the change in the corners of her mouth.


She was talking and laughing with another man outside.

Damn it! How dare she colluded with Shirley to deceive me!

To do market sample survey?

Well done. She really did a good job!

"Damn it!"

The next second, when Yilia was still standing there and was secretly happy for this matter, Enrique suddenly waved his hand and all the things on the desk were fallen to the ground. He roared in a low voice.

Yilia had never seen Enrique becoming so angry, and she even found it difficult to breathe under such kind of pressure. She raised her head and looked at his angry face. His chest was rising and falling because of his anger too. Yilia's heart was getting happier and happier.

That was exactly what she wanted to see.

Only when this man showed an angry look could Teresa's situation be more dangerous.

"Mr. Enrique, isn't that you?"

With a tentative tone, Yilia summoned up all her courage to ask the man in front of her.

After hearing her words, the look in Enrique's eyes suddenly became extremely fierce. He stared fiercely at Yilia in front

Perhaps it was because Alvin had already guessed this result, there was no surprise on his face. He nodded slightly and said nothing.

"It seems that our trip is in vain."

Alvin casually shrugged his shoulders and said to the woman in front of him.

Teresa sighed in frustration. She knew that she really couldn't be too anxious. Her situation was already very bad, but she was still inexplicably putting pressure on herself. In this way, the result could only be counterproductive.

"Let's go back first. You don't have to rush. There is still plenty of time. Inspiration was not something that can be found in a short time."

Noticing the unhappy look on the woman's face, Alvin reached out his hand and patted her on the shoulder to comfort her.

Saying this, Alvin felt a little sorry.

The reason why Teresa took him here was that she wanted to get help from him.

Who would have thought that the only thing he could do was to comfort her?

It was not that he was not willing to help Teresa, but that he believed in the capacity of this woman.

When she was abroad, no matter how tricky the clients were or how difficult the orders were, Teresa could always easily solve them.

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