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   Chapter 299 Don't Need To Say Too Clearly

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5779

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Yilia clasped her hands behind her back and looked at Teresa with a hint of hatred in her eyes.

It had to be said that the woman in front of her was so lucky. After she went through all those things, she was still able to appear in front of her.

What's worse, she entered the YW Studio!

After all, this studio was also a place she had been dreaming of entering, but for various reasons, she came to TH Group later.

"Ms. Teresa, you misunderstood me. We are old friend and I hadn't seen you for a long time. I was a little surprised that you would suddenly appear this time."


I'm afraid it's not just surprised?'

She still remembered what this woman had done to her four years ago. It was really shocked for her that Yilia used the word old friend to call the relationship between the two of them.

Teresa thought it was ridiculous.

'What kind of old friend is she? This relationship between us even let this woman do such a thing to me, and now she is standing in front of me and saying such ridiculous words. Doesn't she think that she is too hypocritical?'

"Really? Do you come to me frequently these days just to say these words to me?"

Even though hearing that there was a trace of unhappiness in the woman's tone in front of her, Yilia just looked at her expressionlessly without any guilty look.

She had appeared in front of her frequently these days and Teresa had seen her. However, she always pretended not to see her and ignored her existence. It seemed that Teresa was deliberately embarrassing her!

"Yeah, old friends always have to catch up on each other when they have time, don't they?"

There was a fake smile on Yilia's face, which disgusted Teresa. She forced hers

er reminder, Yilia finally realized that the elevator had arrived at the floor they go.

She raised her head and looked at the back of Teresa who had already left. Suddenly, she was a little afraid of this Teresa now.

Teresa came back aggressively this time, and now she learned that Teresa had already known what had happened in the past. Yilia was afraid that her own life in the company would only be more and more difficult in the future.

Yilia walked into her office absentmindedly and bit her lips tightly. A faint smell of blood pervaded in her mouth made her gradually sober up.

In that case, don't blame her for being unkind!

It was all Teresa's fault. Why did this woman come back to the company at this moment!

"Teresa, you're finally here. Not long ago, the CEO came to you and said he had something to tell you. He asked you to go to his office when you came back. He wanted to see you."

Why did Enrique want to see her?

Teresa frowned slightly, with a faint displeasure on her face.

It didn't mean that she was afraid of that man now, but it was still a little difficult for her to get along with Enrique calmly.

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