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   Chapter 294 Uncle Enrique

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They had a good time during the meal. The existence of Brain and Bruce added a great deal of pleasure to the meal.

At this moment, it seemed that they all forgot the existence of Enrique and what had happened four years ago.

"Brain, Bruce, run slowly and be careful not to fall down."

After dinner, they walked out of the private room together. Brain and Bruce were playing and running all the way. Looking at the backs of the two, Teresa couldn't help reminding them of being careful.


But at the corner, Brain bumped into someone by accident.

Her small body fell to the ground, neither crying nor shouting. He was very calm and slowly stood up from the ground.

"Brain, are you okay? Did it hurt? I'm sorry. My son didn't mean to..."

"Uncle Enrique!"

While Teresa was speaking, she suddenly heard the voice of Bruce beside her, he shouting excitedly. The words he said were Uncle Enrique!

She slowly raised her head, and at this time, Jerome and Lena had already walked besides her. They were looking at the man in front of them vigilantly.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the corridor was unusually depressing, and there was a cold and dangerous atmosphere surging in the air.

There was no strange feeling in the eyes of Brain and Bruce when they two looked at Enrique in front of them. It seemed that they felt familiar with him without any reason. This strange tacit understanding between them made Teresa panic.

Before Enrique could say anything, she had already pulled the two children behind her.

There was a hint of mockery in the eyes of Enrique when he saw her careful and vigilant action. The more she did so, the surer he was that the two children must have something to do with him

together to help Teresa that she left him for four years.

In the past four years, probably none of them knew how he had lived.

He lived in hatred every day.

The hatred that she brought to him was even worse than the hatred he got when he knew that his mother was killed.

'When I heard that she left me at that time, I still loved her. But what about Teresa?' Enrique thought in his heart.

She hurt him in such a ruthless way, completely ruining all his dignity and pride.

And Teresa was also the first and last woman he loved in his life.

"Enrique. How could a man say something like that to a woman?"

Finally, Teresa couldn't stand it anymore. She reached out her hand and gently pulled Lena, who was standing in front of her. Her cold eyes shot at Enrique, which made her look much more determined than before.

It was also because of what Enrique said that Teresa finally understood one thing.

In the face of such a powerful and terrible man like him, cowardice could not solve anything. Only when they fought head-on would they have a chance to win.

What's more, the person she needed to protect now was her own children.

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