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   Chapter 293 Tragedy Happened Again

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7129

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The one who resembled him most was Brain, who had been quiet all the way. When he was silent, he looked exactly the same as his father Enrique. The only difference was that he was not as ruthless as his father.

"Go and help me investigate how Teresa lived in the past four years, and also help me check if any man has been close to her during this period."

It was not until a moment later that Enrique turned around and said to Tony slowly.

How could he not care?

How could he be willing to let the three of them live outside like this?

But he knew clearly he could not use the tough way directly, so what he was doing now was indirect. If he was unusually tough to the three of them, it would only make Teresa hate him more.

And then the ending of them would become just like what happened four years ago.

Anyway, if the two children were really his, he would never easily give them up.

"In addition, send some people to closely monitor the movements of the three of them. No matter what happens, you must inform me first."

After seeing the expression and hearing what he had just said, Tony thought in his heart, 'This is the Mr. Enrique I knew. And it is what in my mind that he would do.'

Just as Tony had expected, Enrique had never thought of letting go of the two children so easily.

What Enrique just did proved that how much he cared about the relationship among them.

On the other side, Teresa, who had returned to the country, finally found a place to live. Before she had a rest, she received a call from Jerome.

Teresa knew the reason well why Jerome would know it so soon. It must be Fiona who told him about this.

"Why didn't you inform your sister and me in advance when you came back and why didn't you let us pick you up at the airport?"

Listening to the familiar voice on the other end of the phone, Teresa smiled. There was still no change in Jerome's tone after so many years. The voice of him was still like the spring water in the mountain, clear and gentle.

He was always a good brother in front of her.

"Fiona right now will tell you everything anyway. I know you

untie Lena! I have already know it!"

While they were talking, Lena and Jerome had already squatted down with a smile on their faces.

Before they could even get close to him, they heard the cold voice of Bruce, and he mercilessly said out Brain's real thought.

Brain's real thought was being exposed, but he acted as if he hadn't heard what Bruce said. He still kissed on the faces of the two of them. Then he turned around and deliberately looked at Bruce with a provocative look.

However, Bruce didn't care about it at all. He snorted and turned his head aside.

"Abby, these two kids are so cute. I love them so much."

Looking at the two naughty kids, Lena's heart was almost melted. Not only that, even Jerome had been smiling.

Seeing that the two of them liked Brain and Bruce so much, she felt relieved.

"Well, let's take our seats. As for the rest, we can chat while eating."

Jerome pointed at the direction that where they should go and said to them.

It was only then that they finally remembered what they had come for. Lena and Jerome almost forgot the real purpose of today because of the sudden appearance of the two children.

"Abby, brother has told me the whole story. But now I think that we don't need to worry about it for the time being. We three just sit here and have a meal quietly first."

Lena said to them with tears in her eyes. She felt very excited in her heart.

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