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   Chapter 289 Take It To Heart

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6199

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At the thought that the two of them were about to meet their biological father, she felt extremely worried.

What Fiona was worried about was not what would happen after they met, but whether the two children would not be able to accept the fact that a father suddenly appeared.

"Fiona, don't worry. Nothing will happen. Even if that man knows it, I won't let him take the two children away."

Teresa looked very determined. Since she had made the decision to go back, she was naturally prepared.

Anyway, as long as something related to Brain and Bruce happened, she would never let her guard down.

These two children were the mainstay of her life and the motivation of her work. If she lost the two of them, she would not forgive herself.

Moreover, she had already made the worst plan about going back this time. She might lose this job and once again live a toss and turn life with her children in different cities.

Although such a decision might be too cruel to the two children, she had no choice.

She had no choice but to fight against Enrique head on.

"Since you know that you can't do it, why do you have to agree? Do you need me to go back with you this time?"

Fiona really didn't know what to say about the woman in front of her. She knew clearly that Teresa was not willing to go back, and also she was unwilling to face Enrique, but she still made things difficult for herself.

She couldn't figure out when this woman could change her personality.

"No, you don't have to go back with me this time. You have finally got a job here and started a new life. You should stay here and develop well. There is no need to sacrifice such an opportunity for me again."

Looking at the sincere look of the woman in front of her, Teresa was naturally moved.

Four years ago, she quit her job and lived a hard life with her.

sa in front of him, but without Teresa, he was like an empty body without any feelings.

"Tony, send some people to pick up our new designer called Teresa tomorrow. Don't neglect her. We should treat her well."

'Teresa? !'

After a while, Enrique finally opened his mouth and ordered Tony unhurriedly. But to Tony's surprise, he heard Teresa's name from Enrique's mouth.

Looking at the expression on the man's face, he guessed that Teresa must be the one they knew.

He didn't expect that after so many years, she would work in the YW Studio. What made him more unpredictable was that she would be sent here for this cooperation.

Was this arrangement intentional or not?

Didn't anyone in the YW Studio know who Teresa was?

"Yes, boss. I see. I will handle it well."

After saying that, Tony left the office, as if he was afraid that something terrible would happen after staying here for one more second.

Four years had passed.

During these four years, Enrique had been careful not to think about this woman, because every time he thought of her, his hatred for Teresa would increase.

If he was still owing her something, he had paid all the price through that car accident and he didn't owe her anymore.

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