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   Chapter 287 Never See Him

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6265

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Teresa had already known that things would not be as easy as she thought, but what surprised her was the attitude of Alvin.

It was the first time that she had seen him being so tough to her. He didn't allow her to refuse at all.

"Alvin, I really have my own difficulties that I can't tell you. Anyway, please give this opportunity to others."

Seeing that he had no intention of agreeing, Teresa's face changed and her tone softened.

She really couldn't face the TH Group and Enrique.

Even it was four years later now. It still was not easy for her to completely forget the past and restart again. However, she gradually came out of the nightmare. Would she really have to go back again?

No matter what, it was impossible.

She would never see Enrique again!

"Teresa, don't say anything about this matter. There is no room for negotiation. The reason why I am tolerant to you in the daily time is that I think you are a good candidate who is talented. You should knew that this is not the right for you to be willful."

The next second, the expression of the man in front of her suddenly became very bad, and Alvin refused her coldly.

Teresa was stunned. Her lips were broken by her uncontrollable bite, and the faint smell of blood filled her mouth.

"I see."

She finally agreed, and there was unconcealed disappointment in her words.

Even so, she had nothing to say. Just as Alvin said, she had no right to refuse.

Alvin had said so much and did so much for her before, but she came to bother him for such a small thing. It was true that she was too willful.

"By the way, this is the air ticket for tomorrow morning. I have prepared the air ticket for you and the children. I hope you can understand my good intentions this time."

Alvin also didn't want Teresa to agree and compromise in this way. He knew what he said just now was in


"That's a good thing. Haven't Jerome and Lena been looking forward to letting you go back? You can have a good chat with your brother and sister. You can also let them have a good chat with Bruce and Brain."

Fiona didn't think too much. She just thought that Teresa was just going back to work, so she sincerely wished her happiness.

However, looking at the embarrassed look on Teresa's face, as if Teresa didn't feel that the news was a good news to her at all. Fiona also began to feel that things were not as simple as she said.

"What happened? Why do you look unhappy? Don't you want to go back?"

Fiona couldn't help asking, wondering why there was such an expression on Teresa's face.

Not long ago, Teresa had told her that she missed Jerome and Lena very much and had said that she would go back to see them if she had the chance.

It was not easy for her to have such a chance now. She didn't even need to ask for leave. Why was she unhappy?

"Do you know what I'm going to do this time?"

Hearing her question, Fiona was slightly surprised for her question. What else could she do? Fiona knew clearly that this time she went back must be just for jewelry design. It was impossible for her to do anything else.

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