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   Chapter 286 The Recruitment Invitation Letter

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5944

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After returning to her office, Teresa put the documents in her hands on the desk, but accidentally dropped them on the ground.

A piece of paper slipped out. Teresa was slightly stunned and bent down to pick it up.

She looked at that casually and found two words that surprised her.

'TH Group?'

Teresa's heart trembled with these two words.

'Why are there appearing TH Group?'

With doubts in her heart, Teresa picked up the paper with her trembling fingers.

Teresa didn't read it carefully during the meeting, so she didn't find such a piece of paper in the documents.

Recruitment invitation letter?

After reading the content carefully, Teresa looked extremely terrified.

The above content said that her main job back this time was to cooperate with TH Group.

Teresa held that paper tightly in her hands and read it over and over again. It was not until she could even recite the content of that paper that she finally admitted all she had just read was true.

"Why is that?"

Teresa murmured to herself, and her expression looked unusually pale and powerless.

'Did Enrique know where I am?'

This idea flashed by and was quickly denied by her.

Although so many years had passed, she still knew that man well. If he really knew her whereabouts, or even the two children beside her, he would have already appeared in front of her.

So, it was just a coincidence?

Teresa smiled bitterly. Such a coincidence really made her feel helpless.

The next second, when Teresa stood up from the ground, a determined look flashed through her eyes. Then she walked out of the office and went straight to her superior's office.

Knock! Knock!

"Come in."

Accompanied by a sudden knock on the door, a man's voice came from the office. Teres

is willing to give up so easily. Is there anyone in the studio speaking ill of you?"

Alvin Shen still looked very gentle. He wanted to know what had happened to the woman in front of him, and he didn't believe that Teresa was a person to say something like this.

Teresa was like a wild grass, full of tenacity. For her, no matter what kind of thing it was, it seemed to be easy, but only she knew what she had done for all this.

How could Teresa a person like this easily give up such an opportunity?

"Alvin, no one said anything about me. It's my own problem. I don't think I can do this job."

Teresa shook her head and said to Alvin Shen calmly.

But when she saw a trace of worry in Alvin Shen's eyes when he looked at her, she still felt very guilty.

He was so worried about her and he even gave her such a precious opportunity, but she still let Alvin Shen down.

"Teresa, since you don't want to tell me the truth, I won't agree either. You must finish this job."

Alvin Shen took a deep breath and slightly narrowed his eyes. There was an incomprehensible expression in his deep eyes, and there was a trace of irresistible deterrence in his tone.


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