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   Chapter 278 Give Up The Babies

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5289

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"Don't lie to me. The calmer you look, the more you have already been decadent in your heart."

Fiona spoke out her thoughts. She didn't believe that the woman in front of her was really fine as she said.

After hearing her words, Teresa just raised a faint smile at the corners of her mouth and said nothing, nor did she answer her question.

Seeing Teresa's expression, Fiona felt helpless. She shook her head helplessly and knew that this woman wouldn't tell her the true feelings of her.

"Teresa, what are you going to do now that things have developed like this?"

Now, the two of them had made it clear to each other and they also knew clearly about the thoughts in each other's heart. But what should she do next?

It was impossible for Enrique to give up so easily, not to mention that he would never just did as Teresa said.

If his purpose was really for the babies, how could he be willing to leave after this thing happened?

Not only that, even if the two of them really wanted to completely resist that man, if that man was irritated, he would use some special methods.

Moreover, with his identity and status, it was really a very simple thing. Perhaps he just needed to send out an order.

If that man really wanted to do so, it meant that Teresa was in a dangerous situation now.

So they really needed to think about what they should do to make Enrique give up the babies in Teresa's belly.

"I've already thought about it. Before that, let's pretend to get along well with that man first. We can't let him have any suspicion. Let's contact my

Jerome walked to the window, with one hand holding the phone and the other in his pocket. He looked very angry, as if he wanted to rush to Teresa at once.

"Brother, I don't want to explain the details to you. This time I really need your help. Please help me get rid of Enrique. I really can't and I also really don't want to stay with such a man."

Teresa's voice on the phone sounded very painful, and Jerome's heart was tightly clenched.

Although he didn't know what had happened, he could imagine how sad Teresa looked at the other end of the phone just by Teresa's voice.

"Well, now that you have figured it out and called me, it means that you really don't want to be with that man anymore."

All of a sudden, Jerome's memory was pulled back to the past. What Teresa did made him feel like he was back in the old days.

No matter what mistake she made or what she wanted, as long as Teresa wanted to do something, or even she just thought of it in her mind, Jerome would always heard it carefully and took it seriously all the time.

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