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   Chapter 222 Wasting Time

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5781

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Not to mention if there was really any conflict, whether it was the serious battle between him and Jerome or the public opinion caused by time, the one who was at a disadvantage was definitely himself.

Moreover, it was so obvious that Jerome didn't want to see him. Even if he saw him, he would not easily tell him the whereabouts of Teresa. If Teresa knew what he did, she might hate him again and even more.

Enrique was not afraid that Teresa would hate him, but he was afraid that she would not forgive him. Just as what she said in the letter, they were now even, which meant that she no longer hated him. It also meant that he and Teresa might have a chance to get back together!

Therefore, Enrique was reluctant to test the bottom line of Teresa's tolerance for him.

Another reason was that Enrique knew that since Teresa had just left today, such a hasty decision must not have been arranged too far away. Moreover, she was pregnant, and even if she was abroad, Jerome would definitely take good care of her. At least now he did not need to worry about Teresa's safety.

At the thought of this, Enrique felt that there was no need for him to continue to entangle with these people in front of him. If he still chose to stay here, it would only waste more of his time. Such a choice was a mistake.

"Yes, Mr. Enrique. Please rest assured. We will tell our CEO what happened today."

Seeing that Enrique in front of him finally decided to leave, the leading security guard quickly nodded in response to him. He breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He felt lucky that he had finally sent this terrible man away.

As they talked, the security guards behind the leader and the surrounding employees sud

e was filled with the smell of Teresa. Her every move and smile were deeply engraved in his mind. At this moment, memory came to his mind. The past was in sharp contrast to the present, fantasy and reality. Now in this cold room, it was nothing here.

"Enrique. Look at you, you are in a mess now. You not only slowly changed your plan because of a woman, but also became so indecisive. How pathetic!"

Like a walking dead, Enrique walked slowly to the window. The glass reflected his appearance at the moment. His bright eyes had long lost their former light, and even his energetic appearance looked extremely embarrassed and tired now. Looking at the figure on the glass, Enrique couldn't help laughing at himself. He had never thought that he would end up like this because of a woman.

With his arms crossed over his chest, Enrique looked very serious.

He suddenly began to doubt again whether his revenge was right or not?

Because of this, he lost the woman he loved most. Because of this, his father had been sent to the hospital because of his anger of him.

Was it really like what Harris said that he should let go of the past?

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