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   Chapter 219 Tear Him Into Pieces

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5522

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He had never thought that his son would be so persistent in this matter, and his obsession with it would be so deep.

There was a touch of pain in his wise eyes. He looked very uncomfortable, and what happened in the past inevitably appeared in his mind. Thinking of this, his eyes gradually turned red.

"Dad, I don't know what you are thinking, but only this matter I can't casually let go. It was my mother who died at that time!"

Hearing what he said, Enrique shouted at him emotionally, as if he had suddenly changed into another person.

He looked at Harris with disappointment.

He really couldn't figure out what kind of attitude this man had used to say such words to him. The woman who had died was not just his mother.

More importantly, the dead woman was also his father's favorite woman. His father was willing to let go. But he didn't want to.

"Dad, can you imagine how desperate I was when my mom died in my arms? The Gu Family had never experienced it! You haven't experienced it either. How could you know my pain?"

He didn't even give Harris a chance to speak again. After pausing for a moment, he roared at him angrily again.

There was a touch of scarlet in his dark eyes, which let him looked like an angry lion. And he would rush to his prey and fight crazily at any time. Even if his prey had already knelt down to beg for mercy, he was still unwilling to let it go.

"So even you still don't have the right to ask me to stop! No one has this right!"

Seeing that he was so agitated, Harris opened his mouth and suddenly found that his throat seemed to be stuffed with something and he could not say

Tony not far away.

He had asked Tony to deal with this matter, and he had even repeatedly told him to keep an eye on every move of the Gu Family. But such a serious matter still happened, which made him feel extremely disappointed, and even angry!

He finally knew why he had been restless these days.

It turned out that the reason why Teresa left the matter of hospital transfer to Jerome was that she wanted to have such a chance today.

"I'll go to the hospital right now. You need to find out where Teresa is now? If you can't find it out, don't come back! Do you hear that? As for this matter, as for your dereliction of duty, I will settle accounts with you after I come back!"

With an emotional look, Enrique walked up to the man, reached out his hand and tightly grasped the collar of the man in front of him. His face looked gloomy and horrible.

He gritted his teeth and shouted at Tony, as if he wanted to tear the man in front of him into pieces.

Tony knew he was indeed a little dereliction of duty, so he let the man in front of him grab his collar and shout at him.

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