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   Chapter 215 A Painful Choice

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5636

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"Thank you, Enrique. Thank you for giving me such an answer in the end. You can go now."

After saying this to Enrique, Teresa turned her head and didn't look at him anymore.

Looking at Teresa's resolute back, he stretched out his hand, wanting to hug the woman from behind, but in the end, he gave up. After taking a look at her, he turned around and walked out of the ward.

Hearing that, the footsteps behind her were getting farther and farther away, and even completely disappeared. Teresa finally turned around and looked at the place where the man had stood just now. Her eyes were gradually red, and in the end, the scene in front of her was completely blurred by tears in her eyes.

Her shoulders trembled and she bent over in tears. Her sobbing voice sounded full of sadness and pain.

"Let's go."

Hearing the sound from the ward, Enrique just said to Tony beside him and walked out of the hospital with Tony one after another.

In the Afternoon.

With a very happy look on his face, Jerome rushed to the hospital. He looked as happy as if something good had happened.

When Teresa saw him being like this, there was a trace of doubt in her eyes, and even the expression on her face looked extremely curious. Her eyes were fixed on him, motionless.

"Brother, is there anything good happening? You look so happy."

Teresa couldn't help asking when she saw the man looking at her in silence, and there was a meaningful look in his eyes.

Hearing her voice, the smile on Jerome's face became deeper and deeper.

"Teresa, everything is ready. I can let you leave here tomorrow morning at the latest. You must be well prepared. Don't worry. I have

man in front of her meant, but unfortunately, she could not find any reason to stay now.

What's more, this land was full of her pain, happiness, and sad memories. It could be said that she was a coward, and she really didn't want to face these things.

"Well, since you have made up your mind on your next path, I won't stop you. Take the air ticket and set off tomorrow morning at ease."

Jerome looked at the woman in front of him, who had always been so determined. No matter how much he wanted her to stay, Jerome didn't say anything more. Perhaps her heart had been occupied by Enrique now. How much she loved him and how much she hated him now.

And it was because of such hatred that she made such a choice.

On the second morning, thinking that she was leaving today, Teresa didn't sleep all night. In the morning, she had already put on her clothes and waited for Lena.

"Abby, are you ready? In that case, let's go now!"

After arriving at the ward, Lena just pushed the door open and saw Teresa sitting neatly on the bed with her luggage at her feet. It seemed that she had been waiting for her.

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