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   Chapter 212 The Last Person I Want To Hurt Is You

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5807

Updated: 2020-05-19 00:03

Following his order, Tony silently looked away.

Even if he was worried about and understood the CEO, what could he do?

He was just a worker for others. He should do whatever his boss asked him to do. All he needed to do was to obey his orders.

After taking a look at the disappearing figure of Jerome's car, Tony started the engine and drove towards the TH Group.

Time went by bit by bit. Five days had passed since Teresa was transferred to another hospital, but it was still unusually quiet during this period. Nothing had happened, and even Enrique had never come to visit her.

Such a result made Teresa feel extremely relaxed. With the current state of the two of them, it was not appropriate for them to meet each other.

"Mr. Shen, Ms. Gu has been alone in the hospital these days. Sometimes, Jerome would go to the hospital to visit her. Apart from him, no one else could be seen to visit her, not even Lena."

Tony told the man in front of him everything that had happened in the hospital. Lowering his head, he looked respectful.

Hearing what he said, Enrique frowned tightly. He felt that something was wrong about this situation.

After all, Teresa was the favorite and one of the most important sister to Jerome. How could he not care about Teresa's comfort?

So many days had passed. Jerome just went to see her a few times. It was impossible for him to visit her just a few time. It didn't make sense.

Was it just because they felt safe after they were out of his control?

Thinking of this, Enrique clenched his fists and hit the desk hard. His face was full of unwillingness.

"Get the car ready. We are going to see her now."

The next second, Enrique narrowed his eyes, and the

any more. He paused for a moment and turned the direction of his fingers. He gently tucked her quilt, and then sat quietly aside, still staring at the woman on the bed.

Enrique didn't intend to wake Teresa up, but sat there quietly without doing anything. For a moment, the ward fell into deathly silence again.

"Teresa, in fact, you are the last person I want to hurt."

After a while, Enrique, who had been looking at Teresa up and down silently, finally opened his mouth in a soft voice. His eyes fixed on the face of the person lying on the bed without blinking. His dark eyes were no longer as cold as before, but full of sadness, just like his voice.

Even the emotions deep in his heart were written on his face, which looked very pitiful.


Just as he was staring at the woman on the bed in a daze, her eyelashes trembled, and then she suddenly opened her eyes to look at him. At the same time, he suddenly heard the voice of Teresa, which was half surprised and half disgusted.

Enrique didn't expect that his whisper would wake Teresa up. Teresa's pure and hateful eyes made him speechless. He didn't know what to say.

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