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   Chapter 211 Thank You

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5845

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Hearing the man's answer, Teresa smiled with relief.

The last person she wanted to hurt was her brother the man in front of her. For her, Jerome had always been a very special existence.

"Brother, thank you,"

Teresa looked at Jerome and said seriously and sincerely.

Thank you.

These two words were like a magic spell, making Jerome slightly stunned.

But soon, a smile appeared on Jerome's face.

If Teresa looked at it carefully, she would find that there was a hint of bitterness in Jerome's smile.

Perhaps Teresa would never know that the reason why Jerome was willing to help her was not for her so-called thank you!

"During this period of time, you should have a good rest in the hospital. I will ask Lena to come or come here myself to tell you what to do next. Before that, you can stay here to heal yourself, okay?"

The next second, the bitter smile at the corners of Jerome's mouth disappeared, and once again he returned to his gentle look. He stared at the woman in front of him and said carefully.

As soon as Teresa heard the plan of leaving, she couldn't help but feel great joy. She blinked her eyes and nodded seriously to Jerome.

Although Teresa eagerly hoped that she could leave here as soon as possible, they had just escaped from the claws of Enrique in the current situation, and they must be careful in every step they could do next.

Besides, what they were doing now had already aroused the man's suspicion.

Thinking of this, Teresa sighed slightly in her heart, and the joy in her eyes before also faded a little. She lowered her head, as if she was a little sapling poisoned by the sun, listless.

Teresa lowered her eyes and kept staring at her feet. A heavy and depressi

ace, Tony frowned more and more tightly. He looked at Enrique who was at the back seat of the car carefully. He didn't expect that his boss would really love that woman.

Tony had never seen him like this before. Enrique was totally different from the arrogant and superior he used to be. And the change of Enrique was all after he met Teresa.

Because of the Gu Family's matter, and now Teresa's matter was involved, he must be very sad now. Judging from his depressed expression, he thought that Enrique might not know how to deal with the affairs between Teresa and the Gu Family.

Thinking of this, Tony sighed in his heart.

Teresa and others called Enrique despicable and vicious.

On the surface, the Gu Family and Teresa were indeed hurt, but in detail, the most painful person among them should be his boss, Enrique.

"Drive to the company."

When Tony was sighing, Enrique behind him stretched out his hand and rubbed the spot between his eyebrows with a headache.

He turned his head and looked at the hospital. No one could tell which floor he was looking at. But at the next second he turned his head and ordered Tony in a calm tone.

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