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   Chapter 207 Who Is Against The CEO

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5919

Updated: 2020-05-17 00:14

The time went by little by little. When the two sides were still in a stalemate, Tony, who was staying in the ward, looked at the watch on his wrist. He was originally calm, but now he became restless and walked back and forth in the ward.

"Stop, all of you!"

Just when he was about to take out his phone and call Enrique again, he heard a harsh voice from the crowd outside. The voice was cold and oppressive, making the noise stop in an instant.

Tony was overjoyed and immediately walked to the door of the ward.

He couldn't be more familiar with this voice, because the owner of it was none other than Enrique.

Through the door opened by Tony, Teresa could see that Enrique was wearing a black suit, which was well made and showed his strong body perfectly.

With his hands behind his back, Enrique exuded an irresistible deterrent. His face was covered with haze, and his eyes were cold, like a sharp dagger, shooting straight at the crowd.

More than ten tall and strong bodyguards followed him. In combination with his cold and gloomy face, he looked like a god of death from hell. He slowly approached the reporters who were still pushing the door.

Some of the timid reporters huddled up, as if they were afraid of being glanced at by the sharp eyes of Enrique.

Right now outside the ward, no one dared to do anything to displease Enrique again.

"Whoever dares to let any one of them enter the ward, all of you must pay a great price!"

Noticing that the noisy crowd finally calmed down, Enrique glanced at them with cold eyes. Then he turned his head and ordered the bodyguards.

"Yes! Mr. Shen!" As soon as Enrique finished his words, these strong men answered in unison. Their neat and loud voices echoed in the spacious cor

ng the reporters unable to say anything to refuse.

The reporters looked at each other, and finally gave the shooting equipment to the bodyguards of Enrique.

Otherwise, what else could they do? It was just some news material. Since there was no news here, they could naturally dig out other things. If they offended the person in front of them, their future would be ruined.

Seeing that these reporters listened to his arrangement obediently, the gloomy expression on Enrique's face softened. He said to Tony, "Tell them to delete all the photos about today. Besides, remember the reporters' names and contact information. Find out who let them come here!" ...

Hearing this, Tony immediately nodded at Enrique.

These reporters came all of a sudden and strangely these days. From the time Teresa was sent to the hospital, they could find that someone seemed to be following them.

He really needed to make a thorough investigation. He also wanted to know who was against their CEO.

"Teresa, are you okay? Are you frightened?"

After calming himself down, he said that to Tony who was not far away. After Enrique watched him leave, he entered the ward alone.

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