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   Chapter 191 I Want To Ask You

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Looking out of the window at the scenery, Teresa saw several white clouds floating in the blue sky. It was a sunny day, but it did not make her feel better.

Enrique straightened up and even looked very serious.

Although he didn't know what kind of question she wanted to ask him, he was inevitably a little nervous when he saw the woman's unusual expression.


After thinking for a while, Enrique nodded and agreed.

It was ridiculous. He had been in business for so many years, and had seen all kinds of ups and downs in business.

But now he felt a little scared because of a woman's words. It was really surprised him.

"Enrique, you..."

Teresa's slightly hoarse voice was like a silver needle that pierced through a pustule. With hesitation, she slowly opened her mouth, "In fact, have you already known my identity before? You know I'm the youngest daughter of the Gu Family, so you approached me for my identity?"

Teresa didn't dare to look into Enrique's eyes. She lowered her head slowly.

When she heard that he had agreed to answer her question, she held the quilt tightly in front of her in silence, as if she was nervous and scared.

The bright sunshine sprinkled on her side face through the window, making her face half bright and half dark. No one could guess what she was thinking now.

However, after hearing what she said, Enrique was slightly stunned.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, only to find that his throat was stuffed with something, and he could not even say an explanation.

He slightly tilted his head. All of a sudden, he thought of the truth, and the Gu Family had already known it clearly.

Before he came in, Lena and others had been with her, and they hated him

na telling Teresa what he had done could be concluded in two main point. The first one was that he was worry that Teresa would not be able to accept the unexpected truth. The second one and the most important one was that he wanted to tell Teresa the truth in person after she got better.

In fact, there was no need for Enrique to hide what he had done. He was in a dilemma because Teresa was involved. Now that Teresa had known the truth, no matter what he did, he could not hide his fault.

Although he didn't answer her question directly, he admitted that her guess was right.

Hearing this, Teresa, who was waiting for the answer of Enrique, couldn't help smiling sadly and bitterly, and her eyes fell into deathly peace. She slowly lowered her eyes, and her thick eyelashes covered the emotions in her eyes like a small fan, so that no one could see what she was thinking.

Then Teresa shook her head with a smile. She felt hot in her eyes and the scenery in front of her was getting blurred.

She was not idiots. Instead of answering her question directly, Enrique asked her this, which was a tacit admission.

Enrique admitted that her guess was right.

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