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   Chapter 190 Deep Sorrow In Heart

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5104

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"Lena, don't cry. Even if you cry, there is no way to change this matter. Anyway, she will know it in the end. It's better to tell her the truth now than to keep her in the dark and watch her blindly believe that man."

Tristan, who had been standing beside her all the time, naturally knew why this woman cried bitterly. He had seen everything just now.

To be honest, if he said he didn't feel sorry for Teresa, he was lying. He might not believe it himself.

When a man used a woman's love for him, he had already lost it and he had also lost the right to love that woman.

Teresa looked so pitiful now. She was fooled and used by the man she loved most, but she couldn't even know the truth. Such a relationship was so pathetic.

"Tristan... I also know that I should tell the truth to Abby. It will be the best help for her... But I really don't want to see her expression when she was hurt by this matter, and I really don't want to see her lying in the hospital again. I'm very afraid... I'm afraid that I will lose her..."

Lena stretched out her hands and hugged herself tightly. Her shoulders trembled, and she looked very pitiful. She cried and spoke out her inner thoughts.

Of course, she knew what Tristan said was the best choice. But at the thought of the wound on Teresa's wrist, Lena couldn't control herself. She didn't even have the courage to tell Teresa the truth.

"Tristan, am I a bad sister? I always say that I love my Abby. But at such a critical time... I don't even have the coura

ttle guilty and didn't know how to answer her question.

"It's okay. The doctor said the baby is very healthy. The main problem is that you need more rest and nutrition. More importantly, you can't exercise violently. So you must remember this. Don't do anything stupid again, okay?"

After thinking for a while, Enrique finally told the woman what the doctor had told him.

After hearing what he said, Teresa just sighed slightly. She looked a little disappointed, as if she was unwilling to hear such an answer.


At this moment, Teresa said this word while stroking her belly, with deep sadness in her words.

Looking at her serious look, the ominous premonition in Enrique's heart became stronger and stronger. He really wanted to ask what kind of reason could make her show such an expression.

"Enrique, can I ask you something? Please answer me honestly, okay?"

Just as he was hesitating about how to open his mouth, Teresa turned her head to look out of the window and said to him.

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