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   Chapter 188 Don't Do Stupid Things

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5588

Updated: 2020-05-11 00:05

However, it was already the second morning when Teresa woke up.

She struggled to open her eyes and saw the white walls around her. Even her nose was filled with a faint smell of disinfectant.

'This is...' Teresa looked around blankly, and then closed her eyes painfully.

The scene in the room and the pain from her wrist made her realize that she was not dead and she finally woke up.

Teresa turned her head with difficulty, when she saw Lena beside her bed.

With tears all over her face, Lena had fallen asleep. It was obvious that Lena had stayed up all night for worrying about her.

Teresa thought for a while and roughly understood the reason why Lena was here. She couldn't help but cry.

"Sister Lena..."

She licked her dry lips and called Lena's name softly. Perhaps it was because her throat was too dry, and even her voice was hoarse, which made her voice sound aged.

However, Lena was too tired to hear Teresa call her.

At this time, the door creaked open from the outside. As soon as Tristan came back, he saw Teresa lying on the bed with a very difficult look, struggling to sit up.

This woman finally woke up!

"Teresa, don't move. Let me help you."

With the breakfast in his hand, Tristan walked up to Teresa, held her hand and helped her sit up.

"Tristan, you are also here? Where is my brother? Why didn't I see him? And..."

Teresa finally sat up straight with his help. She turned around and found herself lying in the hospital. She raised her head slightly, looked at Tristan beside her and asked him hoarsely.

Thinking of the fact that he and Lena had already come here, why didn't she see the figu

woman in front of her. A weak smile appeared on her face, but she did look very happy.

"You're scaring me. Do you know how scared I was when I heard that you cut your wrist! You can't do such a stupid thing again!"

Looking at the happy smile on Teresa's face, Lena lowered her head and reached out to wipe her wet eyes, pretending to be angry again.

"If anything happens to you in the future, just tell me. I'll help you vent your anger! Do you remember? !"

Seeing that Lena was looking at her nervously and worriedly, Teresa felt more touched. Her eyes turned red and she could only nod.

"Teresa, I have something to tell you."

Seeing that Teresa had promised her, Lena felt a little relieved.

She suddenly thought of what happened yesterday. The next second, when she raised her head again, the expression on her face had become extremely serious, and even a hint of hatred flashed through her beautiful eyes.

The reason why Teresa was still lying here today was because of the person who was making a call outside. If it weren't for his existence, Teresa wouldn't have suffered so much.

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