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   Chapter 183 Determination

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5246

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However, if Enrique really did it, although they could fight for the custody of Teresa in a lawsuit, Teresa was not a child after all. And all the media were paying attention to the Gu Family. It was really not worth it to quarrel with Enrique right now.

"Enrique, don't think we'll let you go. When Abby wakes up, we won't hide this for you. At that time, no matter what decision Abby makes, I'll take her away, because you don't deserve Abby to stay with you."

In order not to let this man deprive them of the right to see Teresa, Jerome just turned his head, glared at this man, and spoke out his innermost thoughts.

This time, no matter what happened, he had made up his mind to take Teresa away.

Because she had no reason to be the one who had been sacrificed for the sake of the affairs between her two families, nor to be a pawn in the hands of Enrique for the grudge between them.

"Absolutely not."

After hearing what he said, Enrique refused his idea without hesitation.

Teresa had the right to know the truth, but she had no right to leave him. He would never allow such a thing to happen.

Not only because this woman was his girlfriend, but also because she was pregnant with his child.

Even if Teresa knew the truth and even hated him for this, he would never let her go easily.

What's more, there was no possibility for him to agree to let her to leave with the two siblings of the Gu Family.

"No? Enrique, what's on your mind when you said these words? Do you think you deserve to be around Abby? Do you know how disgu

lf to be involved in this matter, but the moment the man pushed Lena, he changed his mind.

How could the woman he cherished most in his life be bullied by other men? Let alone under his watch.

"Lena, listen to Tristan. No matter what he says now, we don't have to pay attention to him. He doesn't deserve us to quarrel with him for this matter. We can talk about everything after Abby wakes up."

After hearing what Tristan said, Jerome silently walked up to Lena, reached out his hand and gently patted her on the shoulder. Then he took a deep look at Enrique, turned around and walked towards the bed.

Hearing what Jerome had said, Lena also gave a fierce glare at Enrique. Then she went back to the bed of Teresa with the help of Tristan, pulled a chair and sat down, waiting for Teresa to wake up.

"Mr. Shen, you'd better have a look at your wounds first. With me here, you needn't worry."

After seeing what had just happened, Tony, who had been standing next to Enrique, glanced at the wounds on Enrique's body and frowned.

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