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   Chapter 176 Sense Of Existence

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6118

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"Mr. Enrique... You are back..."

Evelyn heard the noise and walked out from the kitchen. She greeted Enrique as soon as she saw him, but she didn't even have time to finish her words. Enrique and Jerome had flashed past her and went straight upstairs to the room of Teresa.

By the time she came to her senses, the two men had already gone upstairs.

What happened?

Evelyn looked at Tony in confusion. Just like her, Tony's eyes were full of confusion too. The two of them looked at each other, hesitating whether to follow up or not.

"Teresa! Teresa! It's me. Enrique! Open the door, Teresa!" Enrique tried his best to calm himself down and knocked on the door of Teresa's room.

Although Tony said on the phone that Teresa was fine, his heart was beating fast for some reason. He always felt that something was going to happen to Teresa.

But now he came to the door of Teresa. The closed door in front of him made him hesitate for a second. This door was like a key to another world. He was afraid that when he opened the door, he would see something he was unwilling to accept.

After listening carefully for a while, Enrique heard no sound inside.

Enrique's heart sank. He knocked harder, but there was still no sound in the room.

This time Enrique was in a complete panic. He shouted and knocked so loudly that Teresa should wake up even if she was sound asleep. But it was not normal for her to be in the room and not answer.

At the thought that something might have happened to Teresa inside, Enrique knocked at the locked door crazily, but after nearly ten minutes, Teresa was still making no sound and didn't reply.

Standing aside anxiously, Jerome became more and more anxious when he saw this scene. Different from the inexplicable panic in Enrique's heart, Jerome clearly remember

ning, when facing Jerome, Enrique was full of disdain and indifference. But when he learned from him that Teresa was likely to do something stupid because of him, the pleasure of revenge against the Gu Family had disappeared.

The blames from Jerome had already made Enrique lose the courage to speak at all.

In the past, he had thought that even if Teresa knew that what he had done, she was watched by Tony and Evelyn and no matter how sad and painful Teresa was, there would be no accident and she would be fine. But now he was not sure about his original thoughts at all.

When those two were at the TH Group, Jerome had asked him what kind of existence Teresa was for him. At that time, he couldn't tell.

But now he clearly realized that no matter what kind of existence Teresa was, he couldn't live without Teresa. If something happened to Teresa, he would hate himself for the rest of his life!

Jerome was still complaining and criticizing him in his ear, but Enrique couldn't bear to hear a word of it.

He stood there with a decadent expression, staring at the door in front of him. He had no intention of quarreling with him for a long time, and only the safety of Teresa remained in his mind.

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