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   Chapter 174 You Bastard

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Yilia couldn't hide her excitement, but when she saw the ambiguous expression in Enrique's words, she nodded gently and couldn't help asking.

However, Enrique just glanced at her and didn't answer.

Seeing his expression, Yilia was even more confused. She thought for a while in her heart and checked all the international leaders who had cooperated with the TH Group recently, but found that no one seemed to be in the city recently.

When she was wondering who the man was, she heard a loud noise from behind. The door of the office was kicked open.

The sudden situation startled Yilia. When she was about to turn around and see who was so rude and dared to act presumptuously in the CEO's office, a black figure flashed in front of her and walked straight to the side of Enrique.

This man was...

Before Yilia recognized the man, he directly stretched out his fist and hit heavily on the face of Enrique.

Apparently, Enrique didn't expect that the man was so fierce that he didn't have time to fight back. He was knocked over by the man's sudden punch, and then he was pressed on the ground with his collar tightly held. The office chair and documents piled up beside him were all taken to one side and turned over on the ground, in a mess.

When Yilia saw this, she hurried forward and was about to help Enrique. However, when she walked in front of the two of them, she suddenly saw clearly that the person was actually Jerome!

"You... How could you break into the CEO's office so easily! Let go of our CEO! Otherwise... Otherwise, don't blame us for being rude to you!"

If it was someone else, Yilia might dare to teach him a lesson with her domineering manner, but when it came to Jerome in front of her, she stopped and said in a trembling voice.

In fact, from the fact that Yilia dared to frame Teresa regardless of the consequences and slap Shirley, it could be seen that Yilia was also

ull that man away! Are you all stupid?"

Looking at the security guards standing behind her and staring blankly at the scene in front of her, Yilia turned around and shouted at them.

After being scolded by her, these security guards finally realized their duty to come up. They rushed forward and pulled Jerome up with all their might.

"Mr. Shen, are you okay? Mr. Shen."

With a group of security guards guarding, the fear that Yilia had for Jerome had disappeared. At this moment, she stood anxiously at the side until the two men who were wrestling were finally separated. Then she walked very quickly to the front of Enrique. Looking at the wounds on his face and the broken corners of his mouth, she asked worriedly.

However, Enrique didn't even bother to look at her. He raised his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and then his eyes were tightly locked on the same wounded body of Jerome as him.

Although Jerome was subdued by the security guards, he still kicked and beat, trying to get rid of them and continue to beat Enrique. The three or four security guards tried their best to pull his arms and neck, looking very difficult.

With Enrique's eyes narrowed, he shouted at the security guards, "Let him go and all of you get out of here."

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