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   Chapter 168 The Yearning Of Heart

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5711

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He put his hands around his chest, and there was a faint sense of cruelty in his body, as if he wanted to tear someone into pieces.

"Hey, how's it going? Did she eat?"

At this moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang. Enrique frowned unhappily. However, when he saw the caller ID on the phone, his face softened. He picked up the phone and even before the person on the other end of the line could speak, he was the first to ask for information.

On the other side of the phone, after hearing his questions, Tony turned his head and looked Evelyn who held the porridge and was about to look for Teresa, and then he finally opened his mouth slowly.

"Ms. Gu seems to be in a bad condition. But fortunately, she finally wants to eat something. Mr. Shen, there is another strange thing that Ms. Gu seems not to want to see me."

Tony also told Enrique what had happened when he came here this morning. Thinking of the expression on Teresa's face when he first saw her this morning. There was a trace of astonishment and surprise on her face, as if she was very confused about his sudden appearance. Just now, he felt that she didn't want to see him.

Thinking of this, Tony couldn't help but think if Teresa had known something? That was why she was so resistant to his coming.

Hearing what he said, Enrique was lost in thought.

He was very clear about the meaning of what Tony had said to him, but he thought that these days, Teresa had been locking herself tightly in the room. Even he himself could not see her, let alone an outsider. As for whether she would contact others or know about the truth, this two possibility would not exist at all.

But her reaction was indeed a little str

saw the bowl next to her, a sly look flashed through her eyes, but soon returned to the original appearance, as if what had just happened was just an illusion.

"You haven't had breakfast yet, right? Go and have a good rest and have some breakfast. You don't have to be so busy all day long. Besides, Enrique is not here, and I won't tell him."

Teresa withdrew her gaze silently and said to the little woman in front of her with a smile.

After hearing what she said, Evelyn showed a grateful expression on her face.

Teresa didn't know why she envied this woman in front of her more. Evelyn didn't need to feel the problems and troubles. As long as she did her job well, she could live a simple life. It was actually good.

"Ms. Gu, you can have breakfast first. If you need anything, just call me again. You are pregnant now and you must have a good rest. I won't disturb you."

After saying this, Evelyn smiled faintly at Teresa in front of her.

To be honest, Evelyn liked this woman very much. Even if such a big thing happened, she could still face it bravely. Such a woman not only let her envy more let her yearn.

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