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   Chapter 159 Irony

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6376

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She was an orphan. She had thought for a long time that if she had a child, she would give the child a good fetal education and bring her best things to the child. However...

Teresa sat there quietly, and her mind went blank.

At this moment, Teresa had no idea what she should do to change the current situation. The only person she could rely on now was Enrique.

Thinking of this, a mocking smile appeared on her face. It was not until now that she realized that there was only one person she could trust around her. It was so ridiculous.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang and pulled her back from her personal world.

Teresa wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes while holding the phone. When she saw the caller ID, she was surprised and froze there. A few seconds later, she quickly answered the phone, as if she was afraid that the other end of the phone would hang up the phone if she delayed for one second.

"Hello, Jerome."

It was no other than Jerome who had disappeared for a long time. Teresa shouted excitedly at the other end of the phone.

She had been worried about the Gu Family all the time. She felt so ashamed that they had been involved in such a big trouble because of her.

After she thought of this, there was a faint cry in her voice, and a sense of shame came out of her heart.

"Hello, Teresa, are you okay?"

It was not easy for Jerome to persuade Albert to hand over this matter to him for investigation. By the way, he also freed himself from the predicament of being imprisoned. The first thing he couldn't wait to do was to contact Teresa.

He knew her very well. After such a big thing happened, he was also afraid that something terrible would happen to Teresa because she couldn't bear the huge pressure.

At the moment when he asked this question to Teresa, Jerome's heart was clenched. How he wished he could stay with her

appened to Teresa, Jerome was anxious.

He walked up and down restlessly in the room, and his voice was full of worry.

Such Teresa reminded Jerome of the past. The scars in his memory and the smell of blood in the air. Teresa's performance made him more and more worried about Teresa on the other end of the phone. He was afraid that she would not be able to bear the pressure and do something dangerous.

He didn't want to have those painful memories anymore.

After a long while, Teresa's scream gradually faded away, but her voice was indeed a little trembling.

"I... I'm fine, brother. Don't worry about me. I'll take good care of myself. You must pay attention to yourself these days. I don't know what other changes will happen, so you must also be good."

At the thought that the enemy was in the dark and they were in the light, and they didn't know what the enemy would do next, Teresa was extremely nervous, but finally she controlled herself. Her nerves were like taut strings, which could break down at any time.

Jerome could tell that Teresa was nervous and scared.

Although he didn't know what had happened to Teresa just now, he was sure that it had stimulated Teresa a lot. Perhaps she had vaguely guessed who was behind this mater.

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