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   Chapter 156 Mercy

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 5410

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It was not his fault. If he was softhearted at this moment, then who should pay for the mistake many years ago? Did his mother deserve to be killed for nothing?

"Teresa, don't think too much. It's just that those who are jealous of you don't want you to live a comfortable life, so they rack their brains to slander you in any way. Don't blame yourself for all these things. Maybe there are other hidden behind these things."

As Enrique comforted her softly, he hinted and revealed something about those matter happening these day. He just felt sorry for her when he saw her blaming herself like this, so he hinted her.

After hearing his words, Teresa suddenly straight up her body from his arms and looked at the man in front of her seriously.

The sudden change of her expression made Enrique feel a little inadaptable for a while. There was a faint sense of foreboding in his mind. Her expression made him feel extremely panic.

"Enrique, in fact, I know who the person having been framing me is."

Teresa whispered to him mysteriously, as if she was afraid of being heard by others.

With a forced smile on his face, Enrique looked very guilty.

A touch of incomprehensible light flashed through his eyes. He didn't expect that Teresa, who had been staying at home, would say such words to him.

'Did she already know the truth?'

Enrique swallowed hard in his heart, and even beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

"Really? Do you know who it is?"

He asked tentatively, staring at the woman in front of him.

Even his hands were unconsciously clenched into fists, and he

r suspicion to him.

Seeing this, he was still a little nervous.

Now that she had found the strange point of this matter, as long as she paid attention, she would definitely find some other clues.

"Really? But now that you have provided me such an important clue, don't worry. I will find out who is behind this. I will never watch others bully you."

Enrique reached out his hand and held her in his arms again. He whispered in her ear to comfort her.

Somehow, after hearing his voice, Teresa did not gradually calm down as usual, but became more and more restless.

"Well, let's not think about it now. You haven't eaten for a day. You'd better eat some food."

Enrique thought that she was pregnant and she hadn't eaten anything for a whole day. The main purpose of him was to let Teresa eat some food. He once again picked up the food on the table, raised it in front of her, and said to her with a smile.

"Get out of my way."

At this moment, Teresa frowned tightly, pushed away Enrique standing beside her, and ran to the bathroom with a pale face.

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