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   Chapter 155 Panic

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Just as Evelyn said, how could anyone keep calm after such a big thing happened?

Including the smile she showed to him when he went out this morning, which made him feel very scared. Moreover, she was pregnant with his child now. If something really happened to her, it would be really troublesome.

"Okay, I see. You go to make some food first. I'll go upstairs and have a try to ask her out of the room."

Especially when he thought that she hadn't eaten anything today, Enrique was more worried about her health.

The nutrition she needed now was not only for herself, but also for the baby. If it continued to go on like this, she and the baby in her body would be in danger.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Enrique knocked on the closed door. Even his heart became heavy. Although he felt a little guilty when facing Teresa, he couldn't care so much now.

He just wanted to know how Teresa was doing in the room as soon as possible.

But just as Evelyn said, no matter how he knocked at the door, the room was as quiet as if no one was there. There was no sound at all, not even the sound of footsteps. The strange and terrible atmosphere in the room made him feel extremely panic.

"Teresa, Teresa! It's me, Enrique. Open the door, Teresa!"

At last, Enrique couldn't control his emotions any more. While madly knocking at the door, he shouted at the room, hoping that Teresa, who had been staying in the room all the time, could give him a response.

Even so, Teresa in the room didn't even bother to say a word to him.

Seeing that the situation was so bad, Enrique took a few steps back, lifted his foot and kicked the door hard. No one knew how hard he had used. With a bang, the door was finally kicked open

tried to persuade Teresa, everything seemed like a waste of time.

Teresa was like a broken toy with no soul. She still sat there with a dull expression and didn't do anything.

After a long time, Teresa suddenly spoke when Enrique was about to give up.

Enrique was delighted, but he heard her muttering to him in an unusually sad voice.

"Enrique, am I particularly unlucky? So many years ago, the Gu Family abandoned me. Because of my relationship, now the Gu Family has completely become the target of public criticism. I don't know how to face them now."

The media had already exposed her relationship with the Gu Family. At this moment, Teresa had no scruples and told her thoughts to the man sitting next to her.

Her sad voice made Enrique's heart clench. Even his hand holding the bowl trembled.

He just looked at the woman beside him in silence. For a moment, he didn't know how to answer her question, and he couldn't even say anything to comfort her.

He was the one who made Teresa suffer all this. He could do nothing but watch her suffer.

Enrique closed his eyes and tried his best to suppress the guilt in his heart.

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