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   Chapter 41 Are You Jealous

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 7338

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"All right, let's go. I'll drive you to the studio, and then, you should do well on your performance."

Enrique stroked Teresa's hair gently and looked at her smiling face.

"But didn't you say that Yilia took over my job?"

"That depends on whether Claire answers! I don't think Yilia and Claire will be happy working together."

Enrique was about to get in the car with Teresa in his arms when he saw Ares in the distance.

"Little cutie, didn't I say that you could only leave after I came back?"

After hearing what he had said, Enrique's face become serious. He held her tighter unconsciously. Ares looked at his expression, and the smile on his face was bigger.

"Enrique, why are you holding her so tight! Little cutie said she is not your girlfriend. Let's get out of the way!"

Ares deliberately stepped forward and removed Enrique's hand. Hearing that, Teresa was surprised to hear that. It seemed that she was going to be beaten.

Sure enough, Enrique's face was gloomy. He doesn't even smile and looks at Teresa.

"Well, I'm going to the studio. Stop saying anything, Ares!"

Teresa said immediately. But somehow it seemed to her that Enrique's expression was getting worse.

"Okay! Little cutie, you can go now! Bye!"

There was a meaningful smile on Ares's face. Then he led the little girl Cindy into the castle. At the moment, Enrique didn't care about them at all. He just got into the car alone.

Teresa followed him and sat in the passenger seat obediently. If she didn't do it, Enrique would be angrier.

Unsurprisingly, Enrique did not start the car but sat there quietly. The atmosphere in the car was terribly quiet. What worried Teresa even more was that she had no idea why Enrique had become so.


Just when she spoke out his name, she was pinned by Enrique between him and the seat.

"Ares? Did you call him so affectionate the first time you two met? What's wrong? Little cutie? Do you know what kind of person he is? Why are you so close to him?"

Teresa actually felt Enrique's anger this time.

"I... I'm not close to him..."

However, before Teresa could finish her sentence, her cellphone rang. The nam

ood, but our design style is really different and it's really difficult to mix. So, I am so Sorry, Miss Yan."

Claire replied directly. After hearing this, the look on Yilia's face changed again. She glared at Teresa with hatred in her eyes. But when she glimpsed Enrique's scrutinizing eyes, Yilia was frightened and put on a different look at once.

"It doesn't matter. Your choice is also for AAR's 120th anniversary and for TH Group's development. The suitable decision is a right one. It's just a pity that I can't continue to cooperate with you Miss Claire. I'm going to pack up my things now. I still have some tasks to finish after I return home."

Yilia said these words with a smile on her face and then went to pack her things. The only thing Teresa cared about was talking to Claire right now, so she didn't notice that Enrique was following after Yilia.

"Director Yan, it seems that you don't have much stuff." Enrique stood at the door and leaned against it.

"I came here in a hurry and didn't bring much stuff."

"It's really in a hurry. I have just informed director Yan to take over Teresa's work, and you appeared here the next moment. What a coincidence!"

Enrique's ambiguous words sent Yilia into a panic. She scrambled to pack up her things and said with a smile: "I don't quite understand what Mr. Shen meant. It was the chairman who arranged for me to come in advance. Now that Miss Gu is back, I will book the ticket first."

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