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   Chapter 33 Surprising Birthday

Fall Under Your Spell By Cinderella's Sister Characters: 6921

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"The hotel's management is really terrible. Anyone can enter my room without permission. I'm going to complain about their management."

Teresa said in a choked voice with red eyes. As she turned around and was about to walk out, she was suddenly pulled into his arms.

He said nothing but held her tightly in his arms.

In the arms of Enrique, Teresa did not say a word for a long time. Her grievances and tiredness in the past few days were finally released at this moment. His sudden disappearance was like she was abandoned by the Gu Family five years ago.

She was afraid that what had happened that day would become a temporary delight. She was afraid of being a stranger to him from then on. She was afraid that he would be as indifferent to her as Jerome, as indifferent to her as the Gu Family.

"Sorry, I was too busy. In order to see you, I worked up all night!"

Hearing what Enrique said, Teresa felt relieved. "Then why didn't you check out? You can tell me that you are busy and you have gone back to China."

After all, Enrique was different from her. As the CEO of TH Group, it must be usual for him to be busy all day long. Teresa thought she was being childish. Once she got flustered, she lost all sense of proportion.

Enrique smacked himself on the head as if in a flash, then looked at Teresa with a smile. He asked, "Can I sleep in your room if I check out? I'm so stupid! Just wait. I'll call them to check out!"

"Dream on! But why did you suddenly change my room to a girlish style?"

Teresa walked straight to the light pink balloon and wanted to open all the paper. She wondered what kind of sweet words a man like him would say to her.

"Don't pull it down. I'll tell you. No.1, nothing is better than you. No.2, if you are afraid of the dark, I will be your light. No.3, the stars are no match for you..."

Before Enrique could speak all the words out to Teresa, she had already covered his mouth with her hands. She felt extremely shy.

However, her mouth was a bit stubborn.

""I don't need you to tell me those wor

in the gesture he wanted. Just as she looked down at the empty glass, Enrique suddenly kissed her on the cheek.

Nothing more, he just kissed her gently.


Teresa glared at him and wanted to sit down, but was clasped by his hands all of a sudden.

Teresa leaned her hand on his chest. However, Enrique looked at her with no embarrassment but with his playfully eyes.

"So, maybe I need to let you know what a real bastard is!"

Hearing Enrique's meaningful words, Teresa was a little confused but she soon got his meaning and blushed, trying to free herself from his arms.

As she struggled, Enrique hugged her even tighter. "If you move again, I'm not sure whether I will still hold you like before. I'm a normal man, okay?"

Hearing what he had said, Teresa felt even shyer.

But this time, she was obedient and stayed still. She was afraid that if Enrique had some reaction, the two of them would be even more awkward.

"Teresa, do you remember? I exchanged the shirt you ruined for a chance of you to satisfy my any request."

Enrique mentioned this all of a sudden. Teresa looked at him with confused eyes but failed to read his mind. So she just nodded and went on listening.

"Now I feel that it is you who give me this opportunity to have a further development between you and me. So, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity."

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